Welcome to Razzmatazz Squad, or shorter said RS. We are a community based on socializing, gaming, virtual reality, development and much more! Everyone is welcomed!
Virtual Sailor is a server everything Virtual Sailor, Ship-designers alround can connect and share there creations with others. Show screenshots or bugs for help and others.
Official Discord for the Quake VR project.
Looking for a community who loves role-playing? Join us now! VirtuoNet is a discord server themed like a virtual city. We have an economic simulation. You can work and do crimes in order to earn Virtos. You can buy a car and work as a taxi to earn even more Virtos! What about a fast, friendly, and dedicated pet? You can get yourself a falcon to take care of and hunt with! This is just the start and new features are being added regularly. 🤖 Our own exclusive bot! 🎉 Regular events & giveaways! 🎦 Rabbit Movie Party! 💞 Friendly community! Join Now!
Looking for a medium sized community of scambaiters? Looking for help with virtual machines? Looking for help calling scammers? Do you just want to chill? Well, our server is the perfect place for you. Here we have all kinds of bots for entertainment(Rythm, GamesROB) and usually at least 20 people online! We will see you there!
Pries Logistics is an English speaking VTC with members from all over the world. The project started on 13th April 2019 to bring a change to the TruckersMP Community. Our goal is to build a community like no other. A community in which we can offer our drivers the best experience in virtual trucking. Pries provides a variety of convoys in ETS and ATS. We keep a balance between the DLC and non-DLC areas so we can provide convoys to all our drivers. Our activity rules are kept low. This way, we make sure that we do not put pressure on our drivers and that everyone has a fun experience. Want to get to know us better? Why not join our Discord or drive with us on one of our public convoys! Experience Virtual Trucking on a whole new level!
A community for young people who enjoy business and tech
We're a virtual community airline and flying on networks like IVAO and VATSIM! Join us today!
An independent virtual nation.
Hotel Hideaway is an online 3D role playing game full of opportunities to meet new people & make new friends. The Hotel is a lively and vibrant world full to the brim with social adventures!