Welcome to Razzmatazz Squad, or shorter said RS. We are a community based on socializing, gaming, virtual reality, development and much more! Everyone is welcomed!
Do you support first responders? Are you a first responder? Join this Discord and show your support!
This is the Official Fan Server of Officer86! You can follow Officer86 on twitch using the link located at the end. There are a lot of popular people in this server. It is mostly based off of Grand Theft Auto V, thought other games are played. Join today to be able to engage in conversations with people from all around. Thank you all very much. https://twitch.tv/officer_86
SanAndreas RP is a greek FiveM roleplay server! Join to explore all the amazing features!
Join HRPC Today! | Daily updates | 100+ custom civ cars | Non ELS | Hiring all departments | Active staff | Vmenu | HRPC | Hiring all positions | Players Required | Whitelisted + Trained LEO/EMS | Fully Developed | All Positions Available | Realistic RP | Custom Vehicles+Peds | Active Admins | 100+ Custom Cars | HRPC, its not about the roleplay. Its about the family and trust you build. Here at HRPC we are all a family and strive to deliver the greatest RP and most realistic experience to the world. Discord: https://discord.gg/ZNGhkgV What we have to offer: •Welcoming Server :hugging: •Trained FTO team :oncoming_police_car: •Custom Player Models :slight_smile: •100+Custom Cars :oncoming_automobile: •Realistic Handling and Damage :oncoming_bus: •Custom commands •A dedicated Staff Team :man: •A dedicated Support Team to help with any issues you may run into :hugging: •Tons of experience :smiley: •A Family Where You Can Feel Welcome :heart: •Hiring H
Thin Line RP is a public FiveM server that focuses on hardcore and in-depth roleplay. Every character has a background and story line. We encourage members to participate in events and to HAVE FUN!!!! -Custom Cars -Hardcore Roleplay -Player Owned Businesses -Controller Friendly -New Mods In Server every week. -Active / Professional Staff -Add constant development based on user feedback. -------------------------------------------------- Requirements - Must have a working microphone -Follow all server rules -Must be able to fully understand rules and regulations. -Do not break character ( unless staying OOC) -Must have TeamSpeak3
[PL] HeavenRP | Dużo frakcji | Aktywna administracja | Rekrutacja LSPD/EMS/LSCM
NewFoundLand Department of Justice RP
Official Discord server of StadiRP Modding! Find the most realistic & best mods! Like the iconic Finnish policecars .etc
Come join us for a realistic and unique Unturned roleplay experience! Be a sheriff, or be a criminal. You can run for government or turn a business into a monopoly! How will you shape the small island of Altis? Come and see for yourself!
The discord server for the BlueBirdRP GTA V RP community. Join for information on how to play, support and to become a part of the community.
Hello welcome to ForceEdgeRP here at FORP we are a role play server for PC FiveM we have active staff and we are a new community so please come by and check out the great community https://discord.gg/bKDT73B
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
Development, Support, LSPDFR, FiveM, GTA, Modding
Heat Wave Roleplay Fivem Server
A FiveM server, Arizona based.
Hey I'm Radium, I made a GTA5 roleplaying community on Fivem and Discord! We're looking for administration right now to help run our community! Such as Owners, Directors, Developers, Sr admins, Server staff, and Department heads ! Would you like to join?
This server is a First Responder Themed Gaming Community. Aimed to connect members and allow them to play in a fun nontoxic environment! We heavily welcome first responders to join in here!!! If you are a first responder, you an verify your status and become verified and connect with other first responders! We made this for playing games like R6, OW, GTA, COD, and just to hang out
We have a very active Staff / Development Team! Constantly updating server, keeping it fresh! We hope to see y'all in the servers and discord! Need any help message anyone on Leadership
GTA5, Roleplay, PS4, Discord, RP
Hey jij daar! Heb jij zin om op een leuk roleplay server te spelen? Ontvang dan je warm welkom in DenBoschRP! Hier kun je oneindig veel plezier beleven en veel nieuwe vrienden maken! Ga werken bij de Politie of de Ambulance, Koop de dikste en de vetste auto's bij de auto winkel! En nog heel-veel-meer! Lijkt het jouw leuk om een kijkje te nemen op de server? Join dan nu de discord! Met vriendelijke groet en tot snel, De beheerders Sven & Yarno
Signal 11 Gaming Community We have prided ourselves on realism and professionalism, while still bringing something for all to enjoy. We are a gaming community that share interests in and play a wide variety of games together. We look forward to unique and serious role-play scenarios within our FiveM server, and would like you to join us here at Signal 11 Gaming! FiveM Server Features ►ESX ►EUP ►Custom Content ►Purchasable Properties (In-Game) ►TeamSpeak ►Active Staff ►Female Playerbase ►Much More!! --------------------------------------------- ►Forum -http://www.signal11gaming.com/ ►Teamspeak IP - ts-signal11gaming ►Discord - https://discord.gg/xbXqdvc
Features : Being a cop - Custom Script Being a medic Over 300+ customs vehicles - Custom/Public Over 150+ Activities Over 500+ Living Options 50 Slots so all we are missing is you!?
What do we offer? -18+ -Economy Server -Complex drug system -Immersive criminal activities -Phone -Un-furnished homes with catalogue menu and private garage -Vehicle Financing (no dealer required) -In-Game Police MDT System AND MUCH MORE.
United Roleplay is a RP server from fivem with many custom scripts, vehicles, buildings, clothing and more!
The Flashing Lights DOJRP Server is a Discord Server dedicated to the Flashing Lights Video Games. We are a community of Roleplayers who enjoy the game and rp'ing with other members.