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Next Life is an ideal concept, where the multi-threaded world of online games and socialization combine to the creation of a community meant to benefit the players who shape it, rather than be constrained by those who oversee it directly. Experience roleplay in it's finest form, regardless of your position in the world, everyone has a purpose and adds to the color of the many layers across our roleplay scene. Meet our staff team and players, and feel free to collaborate with each other to create a unique experience, and create friendships all in one space.
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Somerset Roleplay is a newer roleplay server made to give people more freedom with their roleplay.
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Welcome to Summit Roleplay! Our community has been in existence since December 2016 and is based off of Summit County, Ohio. We offer civilian and public safety roleplay in numerous different capacities, without limitation (outside of being certified as Law Enforcement or Fire/EMS). Our community offers the generic and basic ESX features, including a functional economy, job opportunities, functional car dealership, housing, slinging those drugs, actual stores and even allows for bank robberies. While we offer the basic ESX features, the majority of these systems are customized to offer a unique experience for our members. We also offer a large variety of map enhancements that elevate RP even further. We are always looking for more people to help the community GROW! Come join the laid back yet realistic roleplay community that we call SRP! We work fast - hop in the server same day as application submission! What are you waiting for?