We are a discord server for receiving and giving help on C and C++, feel free to stick around and join in a programming discussion :)
Community about C++
Server pentru iubitorii de mate si info.
The Programmers is a programmer community server.
Vento ist ein Server worauf du in Deutsch deine Fragen in Bezug auf Programmierung stellen kannst. Natürlich gibt es nebensächlich auch einen Off-topic Kanal, worauf du dich mit anderen in der Community von Vento unterhalten kannst!
New Server for Programmers. Here you can exchange thoughts with others or you can get help from experienced programmers. This Server is still under construction!!
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
The only discord server dedicated to a single web programming language. Open for both experts and apprentices.
Сървър, в който всички са позитивно мислещи. Предлагаме: - Помощ с езиците за програмиране; - Помощ с софтуер и хардуер; - Чатове за общуване с хората; - Помощ с правене на дискорд ботове; Чувствайте се спокойно в нашия сървър. В него няма да намерите отрицателни емоции, обиди и подобни. Ще бъдем щастливи ако се присъедините!
Independent research laboratory for Computer Science and Information Technology. We study programming languages, compilers, virtual machines and high performance algorithms.