Whether you’re a freelance web designer or part of a company, there may be times when you need help. Maybe you have a question, want to know the latest design trends, or just want to discuss design with other artists! You're welcome to join us on Webbers
Welcome to the noAim Discord! Below you will find all our useful links. Our Arma 3 Wasteland Servers are listed at #wasteland-server. Server Rules can be found on all our Servers, on the Arma 3 Server while using the "M-Button" for the Map, and in CSS by using !rules. Please report your Wasteland Ideas and Bugs at #wasteland-bugs, Altis Life at #life-bugs and Counter Strike Source at #css-bugs.
We're a Counter-Strike:Source communauty since 2007. And you're all welcome ! :)
A brand new discord for all your coding needs. We're a discord where you can ask others with help for coding and such. If you just like to code check out our server.
Server for coding, learning code and sharing code
Unofficial Django Discord server by Django developers for Django developers.
Community for collaborating and building projects. We believe in learning by doing. Building web applications, discord bots and more.
CodeHelp is a new community-driven Discord server, comprised of developers, designers, and marketers of all skill levels. Our goal is to create a fun, helpful discord based group where people can get the development and programming support they need. Some of the development and marketing areas in the group include HTML / CSS, JavaScript (including libraries and frameworks), PHP, Python, Java, Design, SEO, PPC, and much more.
Ever Growing Coding server, supports a lot of coding. This Server Has: - Python - JavaScript - PHP - MySQL - SQL - PHPmyAdmin - HTML - CSS - Java - Rust - Kotlin - Skript - Swift - C - C# - C++ - Ruby - QB64 You can hire people that are in these areas above, make a group and create a project, get some help in a specific coding language.
Official Discord Server for CSS Extended.
MiddleAgedGamers DayZ Servers We are operating a PVE server with a PVP area and also a dedicated PVP server Before you ask, yes, we are mostly middle aged! # We have active friendly but fair admins # Please feel free to join our discord or our TS server for help or just a chat # Don’t forget to register on our forums so we can get to know you better. Our website is https://middleagedgamers.gamingdeluxe.net/
We play and create community servers and content in a variety of games ranging from CS:GO Hide 'N Seek, RP to Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town. Friendly, positive, and mature are welcome.
A community of over 10,000 JavaScript developers who want to share their knowledge, learn something new, and have some fun.
Web Development and design support server for anyone having trouble with their website. We offer support for many languages, frameworks and environments.
Have trouble with HTML or CSS? Join this server to get help from various experts. We have over 900+ members and counting
Code Monkeys is a discord server dedicated to giving and receiving great help and advice for a variety of programming languages. Help us build a large and friendly community!
The only discord server dedicated to the front-end/markup languages. Open for both experts and apprentices.
The official Discord server for TheZombieDon's [CS:GO Mod] packs made for CS:S! Mods can be found on Gamebanana under the game "Counter-Strike: Source" Helpful links: [GAMEBANANA] https://gamebanana.com/members/1660740 [STEAM] https://steamcommunity.com/id/thezombiedon
Web Development Server with Custom Features!
Have trouble with HTML or CSS? Join this server to get help from various experts. We have over 1000+ members and counting
A friendly creative web developer Discord community of passionate front-end developers. Our goal is to connect developers of all stripes and aid in continued growth in their careers and the pursuit of knowledge.
Wir sind die erste deutsche Community für Satisfactory! Bei uns habt ihr alle News immer als erstes!