a small fantasy rp server with a free and open rp. we're currently looking for people who don't mind a brand new, almost empty server
A roleplay server that focuses on slice-of-life and soon to be mystery focused. We're looking for school staff!
One day, the world ended. A comet hit the earth, annihilating a good amount of its life— the survivors of humanity hiding in bunkers, waiting for a day to resurface. Upon surfacing, however, they found the world teeming with flora, with a stable atmosphere— what’s more, upon exposure to this strange atmosphere, a good amount of humans developed strange abilities. Superpowers. A long while after resurfacing, humanity has rebuilt itself with the abilities they’ve gained, but with civilization comes crime, and mixing crime with superhuman abilities tends to create chaos. Gaia Akedemeia, a top class school founded in what remains of Central America, seeks to train gifted young individuals to fight against evil— or join it. We offer: - An extensive environment for school-based role-play - A simple combat system for PvP role-play - A good amount of freedom regarding character creation - A friendly non-toxic community - A good variety of settings to role-play in
The Yggdrasil Project was made to cleanse the world of the harmful Miasma that man-kind had created, but when the Miasma corrupts the tree, the tree no longer can carry out its original function, and the monster it had created, the Yggdrasil Core, must be erased.
The international economics server (IES) was created to teach and raise awareness of economics through society. IES aims at creating a big community of collective intellectuals. Here at IES we have many events taking place, from country evaluation to stock market discussions! Don't know economics? That is not a problem as IES has an outstanding Academy of Economics aimed at teaching everyone for FREE! Join IES toady, become an successful individual!
A server to learn by the oldest human art; debating. -High Quality Educational Debates -Many topics as: religion, politics, philosophy, art etc. Join still today
The year is 2019. Westside Academy is a high-quality school in LA, with strong academical, and athletic students. At school students can train with their teammates in multiple sports, or go to classes. Outside of school, there is an amazing town to cruise around with their friends. - = - = Westside is looking for some amazing students! You may create your own character! There are many places to roleplay, with a school that has many clubs and sports, and a town with many places to visit. You may also get your own house! - = - = Staff applications are open! Moderator and Admin spots open!
This server is in need for teachers at the moment and this server is just like a school a bit.
Discord Server for Dark Dragon Productions Music & Creative Arts Company The Ultimate Source for Superior Music! DDP is an open community and professional coalition company of composers and musicians. We are looking for composers, hosts, DJs, and music lovers. We allow your music to be sold in our market. We can help with your production and we’d love for y’all to help with ours. Come and join DDP for the full music community experience.
Visit the My Worlds of Magick! Various magick types in one world. 3 Academies are up and ready to accept students right now as we as we chat. The Fort Questor's Academy of Adventurers and Questors is all about finding things as an explorer. Aisling Morpheus Academy (AMA) is an academy that believes in Higher Beings. Gallantry Castle is situated in the Medieval Era. While living here, you'll learn some basic magicks as well as about living in a royal castle. We even have our own server bot nearly ready! ***A new Academy has opened and it is accepting for those who wish to be a Teacher or a Head of a Country. Please apply soon for this is Open Enrollment Time. Otherwise, you will need to qualify for this academy.***
Come and explore this lovely place, that is home to many races/species both human and not human and find your place in this ever so bustling place. :3
Welcome to Sirius Academy! The Sirius Academy is a private school where wolves and humans collaborate, for now, you’ll need to know your classmates and your Wolf. Wolves are magical beings and may have power. The co-owner of the school is Alexander Sirius, nonetheless but the son of the founder, roleplayed by @꧁☆☬SkyLegend_Alphalex☬☆꧂#5545 (The Owner of the server). The school first goal was to get humans and wolves together, in harmony. However, there is people in school that doesn't deserve to be there... Will you be one of them? That's your choice... ————————————— What we offer! -Cool staff! -A lot of bots! -Roleplay environment safe and healthy. ——————————— Other stuff: -New server so open to ideas and suggestions -Admin application closed (But may open again soon!) -One teacher, and Teacher form closed ( Ratio Students/Teachers) ====+++====+++====
All in all, this is a light-hearted slice of life rp, so while battles are allowed, they aren't the main focus here, outside of some side events. All events are optional. This server is for those who want a break from the travels and want to enjoy a more simple life with their Poképals to be.
The PUBGM Coach, Analyst and IGL in Middle East. My academy make pro tutorials and tricks and put amazing challenges in PUBGM weekly. If you need coach I am here let's join;)
"Dedicated to the ongoing legacy of our founders, Ethereal Academy is committed to educating our students to be able to confront humanity's urgent challenges. We are also empowering our students to live fulfilling lives as responsible, global citizens. Apply today!"
Hello! We are an academy that focuses around roleplay! If you decide to join, enjoy your stay!
A server dedicated to providing an all-inclusive roleplay experience in a Victorian Fantasy setting. Come on by and make a home in the Lyceum!
Have you ever wanted to be part of a big community? We are Magic Academy! We are an economy and social server! The server ||owner, no one else is active|| is outstanding, and there are many roles you can get by chatting with your fellow students at our academy! Owner @HakuYuki22/Draggie22#4735 Link https://discord.gg/rw8wQt7 Note: If you find any trouble with the server, you can dm the owner. They will be active after 5 pm EST
Tenshi Academy is an RP server about those with and without abilities, called gifts. In this world, there are two sides to humanity: The Gifted and The UnGifted. A school has been founded with a half for Ungifted, and a secret half for Gifted to shelter and help these Gifted cultivate their gifts.
Welcome to Discord Academy, an online community dedicated to supporting high school students in their education. Unlike most communities out there, we try to maintain an academic atmosphere where we keep conversations consistently on-topic.