A friendly, open server full of gamers, geeks, goons and gals. We play all sorts of games, both video games and tabletop (which we can also play online) and Roleplay. Our Roleplay is a group RP where we all interact with eachother in the same world. The community is open and the rules are fairly lax. We do seasonal events and our roles are themed, with the theme changing every so often.
Welcome to Tropical Meow! Tropical Meow is a safe space for people from all walks of life. It is a place for people to talk about mental health, current events, games we're playing, and of course posting pictures of cats and other pets. We encourage positivity, creativity, and comradery. Tropical Meow is meant to be a judgement free server. We will moderate to the best of our abilities to keep the server vibe friendly and create a comfortable atmosphere for all of our members. Right now, the server is small (very small!) but we hope that you will find peace and friendship here as we all grow and learn together to build this server into something very special. Thank you!
**DOJ XRP - DOJ Xbox RP Community** *We are in no way affiliated with DoJRP on Fivem PC* *The DOJ XRP Strives for professionalism and realism!* Hello There! My name is Tyler M. and I am the Director here at DOJ XRP and I would like to invite you to join us on Xbox or as Dispatch on PC and have fun! What we offer: - No Application Needed! Not even an Interview! Really quick and simple! - Quick Trainings if needed! Trainings are given out to those who patrol poorly or those who want them! - We offer 5 different Departments! — All are open! - We use the Overseer CAD/MDT! Please consider joining! You won’t regret it! We are heavily looking for members and staff right now!!
Gaming, Streaming, Competititive Teams, Casual gaming, Sponsorship
Welcome to The Cat~! We are an Open community aiming at sharing stuff we love, from music to movies, from anime to books, from sfw to nsfw! We also aim at maintaining our community as pure and as cancer-less as possible! Dont hesitate to join us because we know you have something to share!
High Elo LoL player owned; small community; friendly; respectful; dictatorship (others can influence owner however); low-activity; open-minded.
Solace (n.) - Comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. Solace aims to bring people together to help each other through tough times and to live even slightly better lives through a relaxed, safe, kind community with open arms. We love meeting new people and we would love to meet you!
♾Infinite Essence♾ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ We Are A Open Community For All People! This Server Is Free Of All Hatred & Oppression! We Have Many Different Things That Put Us Ahead Of The Pack! These Include, but are not limited to : 🌟We Are For Everyone ⭐We Have Fun Bots 🌍The Publics! The Open Domain Is For Everyone & Is For Chatting, Sharing Media, Self Promotion, & Other General Needs! 🕹GamerLand! Where Gamers can Look For Others Gamers For Advice, Help, Chatting, & Recommendations! 🎊Fun World! Where You Can Use All Our Fun Bots & HAVE FUN! You Can Even Roleplay! This Is Where You Can Find Kawaiibot, Discord RPG, Boxbot, Pokécord, Unbeleivaboat, & Other Funs Bots! 📍We Also Hold Daily Events For Fun Prizes! 🌌⭐🌟Join The Community!🌟⭐🌌
Welcome to Beyond Here! This server has been created by a group of internet friends that decided that they could create a great server together. Beyond Here is our final creation, the perfect place to be yourself and have fun with others. - We offer the following: Chat Rooms An “Internet” zone for sharing links, news, etc… An “Instagram” zone for flexing, sharing selfies, etc… Bots for playing some games, listening to music, and for a little competition. Dedicated Voice chats for talking with others. A VIP area for people who are dedicated to the server.
A free server with plenty of space to talk, bots, and relatively active channels. Don’t break the rules and you’ll be fine to do anything you like. No NSFW.
Community based around underground artists (non hip hop is accepted) to help with collabs and feedback / just making friends!
A community server with many channels and a welcoming community of gamers and chill people, ages around 13-18! Contests for art and memes of the week! We have streamer channel to show off when you are live and come partner with us!
Community for gaming, socializing, and development talk.
Come join the small, knit, fantastical role-play group! No heavy rulings on what is and is not allowed in rp, and we offer adaptive and improvised story plots with events and such as things move forward! in conclusion: You make the story of Our worlds! https://discord.gg/ZreQrcS
Welcome To Seph's Hell, this is a newer server created by Jan and Seph, although it is small we are slowing trying to grow this server, anyone is allowed to join and active on the server we have the Yui music bot and a Minecraft bot. Please come join and make this server great!
A place of accepting like-minded weebs!😊 We have: ______________________________________ Fanfic📕 Fanart🖌️ Unrestricted Hangout Hentai⚠️ Memes🖼️ ______________________________________ And More!!! We have got it all so if you wanted to join a server and chill with people who are like you come chek us out!
bunch of nerds bein bros yo, just lookin for some new cool buds to spice things up a little
Serveur francophone, réservé aux plus de 18 ans. Vérification manuelle. Ce serveur est sans censure, simplement parce que nous comptons sur la maturité de nos membres. Le second degré et l'humour noir (voire très noir) ne devraient pas être en option ! Nombreux channels accessibles selon vos centres d'intérêt. Ranks et droits accordés selon l'ancienneté. Accessoirement, le nombre de membres est bas car nous ne gardons pas les membres inactifs. On aime bien les gens qui ferment leurs gueules, mais si c'est pour servir de déco dans la colonne de droite, ça saute. En l'occurrence, une fois par mois. Pornographie interdite. À part ça ? Fais-toi plaisir ! Rejoins-nous : https://discord.gg/kpBT2PC
Here you can have fun, mostly for girls, but non toxic males can join
Safe and welcoming server for all people above 13, catering to all needs and wants.
Der OPEN | Discord Server ist ein öffentlicher, deutscher Discord.
- New, growing community. - Well moderated. - Approachable 24/7 staff. - Varieties of VCs/Chats for all types of members. - Private and Public VC channels. - Giveaways - Daily and weekly events. - Open for suggestions from all users. - Custom bot - Gaming, memes, music & much more. Come get connected!
Sunset lounge is a friendly and welcoming place for all people. We are mainly a Chat/VC server that aims to connect people to meet new friends and have fun together. We all are a friendly and welcoming community, wanting to meet new people. So why wait, join!
fun not lazy just ironic
For those of you on Warframe that need a clan to join, consider joinging the Noobies clan. We are a small growing group and are hoping to have as many join to have a over all good time. We will try our best to help you in your path as a warframe as much as possible.
Romanian Educational Community
Welcome to my discord! I am a casual gamer who will be starting to stream and record videos shortly. My discord is fairly new so bare with me as I get things set up. Thank you so much for all of the support and I hope you enjoy your time here. My main content will consist of fiveM roleplay. If you would like to join me and apply to Gem State Roleplay, click the link below. I will also be playing Red Dead 2, Wreckfest, Ark and many more!
Come be a part of our family! We are an active, chill community with over a thousand members, but we still feel pretty small & tight knit. We're all pretty close, but we'd love more friends & are open to everyone!
Looking for group
This is a brand new server designed for all football/futbol/soccer fans. This server supports the top leagues: La Liga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Our server is hugely based on the discussions.
Aeon Genesis Gaming Network is an online nonprofit social and gaming organization that hosts unique servers across multiplayer computer games and provides welcoming and friendly environment to meet new friends and have fun. We provide enjoyable game-play experiences for all ages by fostering a family-friendly safe and inclusive community. We do so through our commitment to the implementation of professionally improved methodology, progressive agendas and values and combating the seemingly losing battle of internet toxicity. We strive to create and sustain a society of supportive, understanding and fascinating individuals.
A place where you can post memes and discuss any topics you’d like!