Community | Entertainment | Meme
Come be a part of our family! We are a chill community that feels pretty small & tight knit. We'd love more friends & we are open to everyone!
Community | Entertainment | Meme
Come be a part of our family! We are a chill community that feels pretty small & tight knit. We'd love more friends & we are open to everyone!
Community | Furry
Giveaways: Games and Nitro Community
Community | Entertainment | Meme
Come be a part of our family! We are a chill community that feels pretty small & tight knit. We'd love more friends & we are open to everyone!
Social | Technology
We are a diverse chill server that connects and bring new people together where they can mess around and enjoy themselves. We are based in United States and currently wish to expand our membership vastly across the world. Do join us as we need your help in order to expand.
Community | Design
We are a server always willing to make new friends so do come and stop by in our server. We try to cater for everyone so if we do not have a channel for you then we will be happy to create one just for you.
Community | Entertainment
Welcome to The Cat~! We are an Open community aiming at sharing stuff we love, from music to movies, from anime to books, from sfw to nsfw! We also aim at maintaining our community as pure and as cancer-less as possible! Dont hesitate to join us because we know you have something to share!
Community | Technology
Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. Open-source software is a prominent example of open collaboration.
Entertainment | Music
A chill server that lets you watch some cool movies.
Furry | Social
Ares’ Den is a server for those who are either a member of the furry community, or are interested in it. This den is for having a good time with different members worldwide!
Gaming | Meme
Hi, are you interested in joining a gaming discord server/community? If so then youre covered i have a well put together server with loads of channels, custom emojis, moderation, bots, fun, and much more come join now!
Gaming | Programming
Official server for Open Hexagon.
Programming | Technology
OpenGL Brasil
Social | Hobbies
A free server with plenty of space to talk, bots, and relatively active channels. Don’t break the rules and you’ll be fine to do anything you like. No NSFW.
Music | Community
Community based around underground artists (non hip hop is accepted) to help with collabs and feedback / just making friends!
Gaming | Music
Community for gaming, socializing, and development talk.
Anime | Social
Welcome To Seph's Hell, this is a newer server created by Jan and Seph, although it is small we are slowing trying to grow this server, anyone is allowed to join and active on the server we have the Yui music bot and a Minecraft bot. Please come join and make this server great!
Meme | Social
bunch of nerds bein bros yo, just lookin for some new cool buds to spice things up a little
Gaming | Anime
Here you can have fun, mostly for girls, but non toxic males can join
Community | Meme | Social
- New, growing community. - Well moderated. - Approachable 24/7 staff. - Varieties of VCs/Chats for all types of members. - Private and Public VC channels. - Giveaways - Daily and weekly events. - Open for suggestions from all users. - Custom bot - Gaming, memes, music & much more. Come get connected!
Social | Community | Entertainment
Sunset lounge is a friendly and welcoming place for all people. We are mainly a Chat/VC server that aims to connect people to meet new friends and have fun together. We all are a friendly and welcoming community, wanting to meet new people. So why wait, join!
Entertainment | Meme
fun not lazy just ironic
Gaming | Community
For those of you on Warframe that need a clan to join, consider joinging the Noobies clan. We are a small growing group and are hoping to have as many join to have a over all good time. We will try our best to help you in your path as a warframe as much as possible.
Hobbies | Community
Romanian Educational Community
Role-Playing | Gaming
Welcome to my discord! I am a casual gamer who will be starting to stream and record videos shortly. My discord is fairly new so bare with me as I get things set up. Thank you so much for all of the support and I hope you enjoy your time here. My main content will consist of fiveM roleplay. If you would like to join me and apply to Gem State Roleplay, click the link below. I will also be playing Red Dead 2, Wreckfest, Ark and many more!
Gaming | Community
Looking for group
Sports | eSports
This is a brand new server designed for all football/futbol/soccer fans. This server supports the top leagues: La Liga, Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Our server is hugely based on the discussions.
A place where you can post memes and discuss any topics you’d like!
Community | Role-Playing
**DOJ XRP - DOJ Xbox RP Community** *We are in no way affiliated with DoJRP on Fivem PC* *The DOJ XRP Strives for professionalism and realism!* Hello There! My name is Tyler M. and I am the Director here at DOJ XRP and I would like to invite you to join us on Xbox or as Dispatch on PC and have fun! What we offer: - No Application Needed! Not even an Interview! Really quick and simple! - Quick Trainings if needed! Trainings are given out to those who patrol poorly or those who want them! - We offer 5 different Departments! — All are open! - We use the Overseer CAD/MDT! Please consider joining! You won’t regret it! We are heavily looking for members and staff right now!!
Art | Gaming
A server that is mainly for talking and chatting and meeting new people! We have channels related to art and gaming and we are always welcoming new people
LGBT | Gaming
┏━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┓ 13+ Discord TOS. Looking for a chill server, to hang out, make new friends? Well you should consider joining Baby Vibez! We're a welcoming, kind and homely server. We will make you feel welcomed, we're all chill and love making new friends! ┗━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┛
Community | Music
This is a friendly and active community where you can make new friends, take part in our games nights and chill! We all have one common interest which is Twenty One Pilots, and actively promote listening to other music and artists! Everybody is welcome to join, take part in our almost daily events, and even join the private Minecraft Server!
Community | Social
WorldHub Advertising 🔸️ Welcome to our community! 🔸️ We are not your average advertising server. 🔸️ We are here to make your server grow in members in just days. WHAT WE OFFER: 🔹️ YOU CAN NOW POST IN UP TO 4 CHATS! 🔹️ Our own professional bot! - 🤖 🔹️ Friendly/Chill people! - 😎 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♥️ Join now for a chance for your server to be known worldwide! ♥️ We are also hiring staff members for various jobs, join now to find out the amazing jobs we have in store for you.
Gaming | Community
A small growing server that is planning to build close gaming community for people to join. The community that we are striving to achieve is one that is like a family. More and more games are added so you're able to find people for that exact game as well as feel that you have a niche.