Gaming | Community
We are a group of people on the hunt for Nintendo Switches - in stock - in Canada only. A lot of us have found, ordered, and received our switch with the help of this growing community! We are friendly and welcome everyone. We are slowly evolving into a gaming server but for now our main priority is to help those in need of a switch that do not have one! Come join this great community of people and happy hunting!
Gaming | Community
We are, very active, very friendly, we are open for suggestions, always looking for partners and a community server.
Art | Anime
🌸Our Place is just as sweet as a ice cream combo at BR! Friendly staff, my melody related! We hope enjoy and find friends to enjoy your time here with 🐰
Community | Furry
another hangout server with emphasis on the members
Gaming | Emoji
Welcome to Rabbit, Rabbit 🐰 is a social community where everyone from any community is accepted! 🎉 what we have to offer consist of: * Many entertaining bots 🤖 * Lots of emotes 👽 * Friendly and accepting members * Developers announcements for your favorite games. * Minecraft Java Survival Servers And a lot more to discover when you join Rabbit!
Community | Social
Chill, make friends, socialize (even if you're bad at it), listen to music and just have some fun.
Community | Furry
awesome lgbt friendly
Community | Anime
probably one of the most welcoming servers everyone, there is really kind and funny, even though it might not be the most active server, its definitely, the friendliest.
Gaming | Social
Hello! We are a nice and welcoming hub for meeting new people and playing video games, our mission is to have a platform that promotes new friends and positive staff members. We want anyone and everyone to join us. Not only do we host game nights and have a pickup game system but we constantly want to meet and befriend new people! Give us a chance and join the ocean 😎
Community | Entertainment
Community | Art
Hey yo! Are you looking for a large server that has kind members? Then look elsewhere! I’m joking! We may be small but they are only mean to me... the owner.... but enough about me what about you? We just want to make friends and have fun so come and join. 20+ channels to choose from! Lots of fun emotes made by us! Self roles! An diverse and active community! We are constantly adding more to make everyone happy! We have fair admin that enforce the small rule selection that keeps our server fun. We are extremely welcome to anyone, so lest you be an artist to a gunsmith you are welcome. So why not Join? Come on over we’ll be waiting!
Community | Art
A new sparkling server, with Active people, Join and support us! It's a sweet community. Everyone is welcome until and unless you follow our rules :).
Community | Meme
__Welcome to BruhNCo__ BruhNCo is a chill community based server with a freindly and growing community. What do we have to offer? •Freindly community •Fun bots such as Dankmemer and rythm •Memes •Active owner •Cool emotes •Much more We hope to see you soon!
Streaming | Social
we are a server where you can hang out, meet new people, stream your favourite games and grow a community