Music | Hobbies
Welcome to The Music Lounge! Join musicians and music listeners and discuss about anything you want! You can talk about your favourite songs, pieces, music genres and more! If you play an instrument, you can also ask for advice or give advice yourself! It's a place to have fun and socialize with music lovers! Enjoy!
Music | Community
If you have started composing music, and you want feedback or you have doubts, this is your server. If you want to learn how to create your own music and experiment, this is your server. If you want to discover new music that you wont find anywhere else, this is your server. But if you just look for gore, porn and dark humor like your could find in other underground music servers, the leave botton is up there.
Music | Education
A server for analyzing and sharing compositions of others or your own, discussing music theory or instrument/voice technique, and asking questions about music in a more rigorous setting.