A community server for the upcoming Roblox game Revival, we welcome developers and scripters, if your not either of those we also welcome you to this server! This is the only official Roblox server for the Revival support server. If you want you can post scripts for powerups, creations, and characters!
Gaming | Art
A minecraft discord for builders and alike! Features: - Showcase Channels - Roles for Redstone Creators, Command block creators and resource pack makers! - Builder Roles - Contests - Youtube/Twitch Rank - With Featured youtubers! - Looking For Builder Channel/Looking for Team Channel - Music Bot/Level Bot - Events Partnership with official Subreddits - Private SMP Server (Application only)
Entertainment | Community
This server is more or less a community not surrounding me but involves me greatly as I use as a platform to show what I create.
Growth | Gaming
A place where All Minecraft Players are Welcome!! - Share your server by advertising it! - Share you AWESOME! Minecraft builds or Team Builds. - Share your super sweet Custom Plugins! - Find your next FAVORITE Minecraft Server!