The Imperial League (IL) is an open world mid-fantasy roleplay. When I say "mid-fantasy" what I mean is all characters will be on fairly equal footing in regards to their abilities. No one here will be playing cosmic furry demon gods with the ability to bend time and control your mind. While magic and fantasy races are in existence, everything is still relatively grounded as far as most Discord fantasy roleplays go. The goal is to create a fantasy RP that doesn't quickly become a super hero RP or a power contest. There's no grand demon lord of an evil kingdom to defeat. Instead, the RP is a character driven space where players can interact in a world that is defined and orderly, yet remains flexible and malleable to the actions of those that are willing to work alongside a multitude of other players.
Hi and welcome to Resident Evil! This server has been created to discuss the horror adventure series 'Resident Evil'. RE fans are welcome to talk about the games, characters, story, movies, and anything else.
*Come join The Iron Wolves, we are true alphas of the sky. We allow you to live your life out as a mercenary doing jobs to acquire money an statue in the world. We operate in space, an on land, the jobs we do very from protection, moving someone across the galaxy, an even killing a certain someone or someone's, there isn't a job that we cant handle, but that always determines if the price is right.* `Some World lore` `The world advanced, and expanded, soon the idea of going from earth to mars in a day was more common then making a sandwich. Yet the world advanced an expanded, the people didn't, the people stayed the same, hateful, greedy, rebellious. There are many planets that have been colonized in the milky way an other galaxies. The governments of earth all formed together an made the Galactic Empire, they now rule over many planets an have many laws set.
We do have quite a chunk of lore to read, but any questions a person might have shall be answered to the best of the owner and staffs' abilities. We rather just have one drop by to read the lore and most races are allowed ( A Few Exceptions Are God/Goddess, Godzilla, Etc ).
Discord server for the game of Tales of Kulplex.
The official Discord server for LUNA The Shadow Dust, a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
Discord server of indie game studio "Dyadic Games"
A Naruto group Roleplay based 10 years after the death of Naruto and Sasuke, The time of Konohamaru has passed and the Ninth Hokage, Gutenshi Akimichi must deal with the time of peace coming to a close and Man-made Tailed beasts surfacing since the "disappearance" of the originals.
This is the discord server of i6 Hitman! Welcome to the server!
Welcome to the world of Aellion. Meet fellow adventurers, work together to complete tough quests and share your epic achievements on the official Adventure in Aellion server. You can even talk to the creators directly and share your feedback, ideas and thoughts - who knows, they might even end up in the game!
White Elk is a game developer based in Los Angeles. We have shipped Eclipse: Edge of Light and Covert.
Hello all! We are a Pokemon roleplay server in the style of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, where you can rank up by going on explorations or just hang out inside the guild to connect to other Pokemon and help the guild out! There are many different locations inside and outside of the guild to do many different things! Verify that you're of age to access even more fun roleplay channels as well! We are also currently working on a bot to make explorations easier to do, so you don't have to worry! We're always looking for friendly faces around here, so please enjoy our server! And, if you're looking to create some private stories as well, we also have a link to the main server that started it all! Just a few simple questions and you're free to make your own story RPs as well! Come on in and enjoy a friendly and fun time!
This is a casual adventure group that runs simulations from the deepest darkest dungeon crawl to investigating a murder that happened in space. Its a bar with VR rooms upstairs, anyone who wants to run a sim is a Game Master and people who play are Adventurers. Or you can just relax in the bar watching and commenting on the simulations. This is NOT age limited, though we do have sections for those old enough.
Do you like medieval history? Well guess what! This is perfect for you! This is a roleplay simulation of a manor, with Medieval Jobs Manor Animals Food Coins Items Armour We are currently sporting high level jobs! Hurry and join before you're left with Serf!
We would like to present our amazing Gaming Community for gamers that are trying to communicate with other gamers around the world. So Our Community will allow you to do whatever you want for fun with the purpose to play with somebody in your game.
Role play in a vast fantasy world! Chose from many unique races such as Birdkin or any of the human sub-races. If you like dungeons and dragons, you will like this server.
A small but fun roleplay server when you can play as a human, demon, angel, or any hybrid! Please join, the more people the better it gets!
We have OP Giveaways🎉 Not for money (We haven't made a cent)💸 Friendly Community (And Staff)😊 Active Chat😱 Epic Bots😎 Suggestions channel😏 We hope you give us a try and to see you soon!
We have OP Giveaways🎉 Not for money (We haven't made a cent)💸 Friendly Community (And Staff)😊 Active Chat😱 Epic Bots😎 Suggestions channel😏 We hope you give us a try and to see you soon!
Welcome all Japan fanatics. Our energetic server offers you a real party; Discover new friends, assign yourself roles from over +100 options, and lots of NSFW content. Hope to see you there, ようこそ ~
Hello! This is Divided By Nature Divided by Nature is a Sci-Fi/fantasy roleplay server that I have developed over the course of 2 years, meaning it has a lot to offer and a lot of info, so be prepared. The setting is within the walls of a city known as Donum, far away from human civilization. Within it's walls are a subspecies of humans known as Kinetics, humans with telekinetic powers that range from telekinesis to spatial manipulation. In this world, you either live life normally, or fight for your freedom peacefully, or with violence. Choose your side and forge your path. We welcome other species as well, whether they are human hybrids or from another world entirely. Anyone can join in. We are a respectful and welcoming. We also include: •Gaming •Art sharing/learning/help •Character creation/help •Music •Voice Chatting/Singing •Rp learning/help •Nsfw (Private/ask) •Other RPs Hope to see y'all there.
The Quest Collective is a RuneScape Role-playing based discord server with Role-play being within the game and the Discord it self. The idea is for you to role-play as an adventurer, or traveler and do quests you collect from a notice board. We are a fun and chill role-playing group. Come and give us a try!
Our Discord channel is a chill place where we chat with our community, giving them news about our upcoming game Nanotale and asking feedback about it. It's also the right place to ask questions about our released games: Epistory, Shift Quantum and Algo Bot. Join if you are curious. ■━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━■ What To Expect: ▸ Wholesome & Friendly Community/Staff ▸ Giveaways (games and t-shirts) ▸ Private channels for Content Creators ▸ Easy chat with the developers ▸ Unreleased content/news about our games ▸ BETA access to our games ▸ A place where you don't have to be shy to play peculiar games
Hello everyone! We are a friendly, growing community for adventure, high fantasy topics and gaming. We like to text-chat and voice-talk about things related to fantasy books, movies and games. May the power of the Maiar be with you!
You can search ‘Cosmicrp’ to see all of or servers!
INVITE CODE: ☀️Roleplay-Based Server ☀️Economy bot: Shop, currency, gambling, interest rates, etc! ☀️Cafe game bot! ☀️Battle RPG bot. ☀️Buy your room: carpets, kitchen, bathroom. Rooms are all made out of glass Strange events happen!
Welcome, to The Nations of Bespheros. A world filled with danger, excitement and most importantly: integrity. We have countless amounts of locations neatly organized to make it a pain-free experience. The lore is easy to understand and still full of rich detail, made to be as fun as possible.
ADVISORY: Since this server is still experimental, there will be a future where we will begin incorporating more system ideas to use for a better roleplaying experience.
This My Hero Academia Server is one that will forever change the rules of anime. 💫
Welcome to Chra-No-Rella, the world is divided into many different species and areas with many different stories and histories to share... however looming below the beautiful scenery are dire threats that range from the smallest mugger to the scourge, known as the Deadlands that sweeps across the lands land, bringing everything to ruin. A world that advances as you roleplay in it, changing and evolving as the evil is slain and peace is restored, providing many different possibilities and adventurers for the brave and the bold. Among the five great nations that are known of, three have banded together to create a strong united front with a powerful military, at the same time the relations between the many different races start to improve, long held feuds being laid to rest and the humans find themselves overshadowed by a much more powerful empire, unable to support themselves on their own.
•~+[|Shadow Of The Warriors|]+~• 🌩 StormClan- The strong and sensible 💧PebbleClan- The swimmers and collectors 💨 SwiftClan- The tactful And Swift moor-runners 🥀 RowanClan- The sly and sneaky footed felines Each clan is apart of this forest and apart of a system bigger than themselves. So when a new problem arises and the kits of the clans go missing, who else are they to fight but themselves? Betrayal is near and there is a mystery to be solved... This is a server based off of Erin Hunter’s Series! We would love for you to come join! We have a lot to offer, including; •Warm Welcomes for everyone •Staff help almost 24/7 •Switching our High Ranks •A kinda and close community where you can feel safe •Own plot and rules to make role playing more fun!
Welcome to our server... it is a role-playing server where YOU control the entirety of the story, along with some strangers of course! You can choose to destroy and ruin or become a powerful diplomat, or even the pope! There is one overarching theme, the main god is Kevin, and we are all his disciples. Once you join you can become more of a casual player, or you can delve deep into it and become the one to rule all! You can join a faction and war against other factions, or become a nomad to offer advice to weary travelers. The choice is all up to you... in The Church Of Kevin.
The Ultiverse, a system of fifty Earths, each unique in its geological and societal forms. The year is 2470, a future advanced in technology and advancements to better connect the societies of the different Earths together. Societies of any type of person, and you can be any of them. What We Have To Offer: > :crossed_swords: Forge your character of any story, the only limit is your imagination. > :briefcase: Choose any life, any job. Open a business, become a bounty hunter, whatever path you want to take you can. > :book: Invest in a deep lore which makes up the core elements of reality with a fantastic twist. > :map: Explore, travel to, or even set up a business in any world, modern, past, future, fantasy, horror, paradise or dangerous. > :flag_jp: Join a community of people of all kind and make friends along the way both in roleplay and out. > :handshake: Make partners for your server by simply contacting the owner.
The Official Server for Amphibiapedia, the largest encyclopedia of Amphibia.
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