Ellesmere Icon
Role-Playing | Art
A magical fantasy role-play server with casual yet quality roleplay, and simple lore that inspires the creativity of members.
Plasma Pixelmon Oficial Icon
Entertainment | Community
Plasma Pixelmon é um servidor Pixelmon no Minecraft. O Plasma Pixelmon é mais do que apenas um servidor Pixelmon, é muito diferente dos outros. Em Plasma Pixelmon, busca-se uma experiência gradativa e gratificante, com sobrevivência infinita e poderosa, e um lobby com tudo que você precisa para mergulhar em um mundo de aventura. ● Sistema de Caixas ● Eventos Todos Os Dias ● Spawn De Lendário Razoável ● Sorteios Diários ● Sistema de Ginásios ( Em Reformulação ) Abertura Prevista para dia 28/06
Lantern Studio Icon
Gaming | Community
The official Discord server for LUNA The Shadow Dust, a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
dyadicgames Icon
Discord server of indie game studio "Dyadic Games"
New Way Of The Ninja Icon
Anime | Role-Playing
A Naruto group Roleplay based 10 years after the death of Naruto and Sasuke, The time of Konohamaru has passed and the Ninth Hokage, Gutenshi Akimichi must deal with the time of peace coming to a close and Man-made Tailed beasts surfacing since the "disappearance" of the originals.
Hitman's Server Icon
Gaming | eSports
This is the discord server of Hitman! Welcome to the server!
Eucron Icon
Role-Playing | Community
Eucron is a fantasy and medieval roleplay discord server! We are welcoming to any race, sexuality, gender, etc. We have lots of locations, roles, and an easy character development system so you can get to roleplaying ASAP! We accept partners, allies, and any promotional services you have. We hope to see you there!
Teyvat Travelers Icon
Gaming | Anime
Do you enjoy Genshin Impact, and you want to chill and discuss about the game? Join us at Teyvat Travelers!
Rural Explorers Icon
Community | Hobbies
A server for adventurers
new world Icon
Role-Playing | Financial
Magic based RP, guilds, large map, make your own magic and spells, use existing magic and spells, choose to be good, evil, neutral, mostly freeform.
The Nova Force Icon
Role-Playing | Tabletop
Nova Force is a futuristic, high-tech science fiction space opera with aliens, designed around a DnD 5E homebrew sci-fi system.
Kingdom of Lust Icon
The kingdom of lust is a kingdom controlled by two sister. Join the kingdom and create your own adventure, you can be a traveler that goes on adventures or just have a life in the city, or you can be a criminal and if your daring enough and have the skill, you can even sneak into the castle at night and enjoy the sisters too your liking.
𝔐𝔦𝔰𝔲𝔱𝔢 ℜ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔱𝔞'𝔰 𝓡𝓟𝓖 Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
A small RPG Server We are a small gaming guild who hopes to grow and help others. We operate on a three strike rule. Every person within the server will have three chances. Once those chances are done you will be banned. So please try to be nice and respectful and keep talk to PG-13, try to not use too much excessive language.
Demon Hunter Rp Icon
Role-Playing | Hobbies
A small but fun roleplay server when you can play as a human, demon, angel, or any hybrid! Please join, the more people the better it gets!
Chra-No-Rella Icon
Welcome to Chra-No-Rella, the world is divided into many different species and areas with many different stories and histories to share... however looming below the beautiful scenery are dire threats that range from the smallest mugger to the scourge, known as the Deadlands that sweeps across the lands land, bringing everything to ruin. A world that advances as you roleplay in it, changing and evolving as the evil is slain and peace is restored, providing many different possibilities and adventurers for the brave and the bold. Among the five great nations that are known of, three have banded together to create a strong united front with a powerful military, at the same time the relations between the many different races start to improve, long held feuds being laid to rest and the humans find themselves overshadowed by a much more powerful empire, unable to support themselves on their own.
The Church Of Kevin Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to our server... it is a role-playing server where YOU control the entirety of the story, along with some strangers of course! You can choose to destroy and ruin or become a powerful diplomat, or even the pope! There is one overarching theme, the main god is Kevin, and we are all his disciples. Once you join you can become more of a casual player, or you can delve deep into it and become the one to rule all! You can join a faction and war against other factions, or become a nomad to offer advice to weary travelers. The choice is all up to you... in The Church Of Kevin.
Age of Enchantment Icon
Role-Playing | Community
——————————[ ★ ]—————————— Now, what are you waiting for? Will you decide to settle down and relax in a world filled with magic and wonders, or will you battle beasts never seen by the human eye? In this world, it all depends on what you choose to do!
Yemau's Server Hub Icon
Gaming | Anime
Yemau's Server Community This server is comprised of a group of Gamers, Roleplayers, Meme Creators, Artists, and many others that enjoy doing a multitude of things. This server is not mainly based around anything, but we do have a few bot channels for fun, a gaming section for discussion and squad formation, funny images, and even a music channel. Also, we're looking for moderators! In summary we have: A fun, semi-active community Fun bots and simulated economy quite a few music channels An average amount of bots Great memes and art/reddit Rules and Regulations And so much more! Specific Features we've added: A channel for advertising An archive of our characters Private music channels An active meme area
Onirism The Game Icon
Gaming | Community
Onirism est un jeu d'action-aventure disponible en mode solo et coop ! Rejoignez Carol et aidez-là à libérer Crearia de la Corporation !
One Piece: Treasure hunt Icon
Anime | Role-Playing
Start youre adventure and become the strongest pirate the world has ever seen. Or do you wanna hunt pirates as a marine member or as a bounty hunter? Well thats up to you. Its a one piece based roleplay server with fan talk and much more. What do we offer: -random devil fruit spawning system -random smile fruit spawning system -design youre character -make a crew -a personal ship -a money system -haki system -give aways and events and much more... come and join today: https://discord.gg/sMvP9Tp
A Solared Realm Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
We do have quite a chunk of lore to read, but any questions a person might have shall be answered to the best of the owner and staffs' abilities. We rather just have one drop by to read the lore and most races are allowed ( A Few Exceptions Are God/Goddess, Godzilla, Etc ).
Scouts Australia Icon
Community | Growth
Welcome to the Scouts Australia Discord! Here, Scouts Australia members and members of the public are able to interact and exchange valuable information with each other.
Adventure in Aellion Icon
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the world of Aellion. Meet fellow adventurers, work together to complete tough quests and share your epic achievements on the official Adventure in Aellion server. You can even talk to the creators directly and share your feedback, ideas and thoughts - who knows, they might even end up in the game!
Revival Development Server Icon
A community server for the upcoming Roblox game Revival, we welcome developers and scripters, if your not either of those we also welcome you to this server! This is the only official Roblox server for the Revival support server. If you want you can post scripts for powerups, creations, and characters!
The Sunset Towers Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
INVITE CODE: https://discord.gg/xXWY77u ☀️Roleplay-Based Server ☀️Economy bot: Shop, currency, gambling, interest rates, etc! ☀️Cafe game bot! ☀️Battle RPG bot. ☀️Buy your room: carpets, kitchen, bathroom. Rooms are all made out of glass Strange events happen!
Role-Playing | Anime
The continent of Alisiar and it's 4 countries. . . Astroguard, Esamore, Vroubet and Xeles are filled with hidden dungeons, labriyths and puzzles left by the god of all, Astro, to explore and conquer, gaining a special ability for each one you complete called crests!
Star Wars: Roleplay Server Icon
Role-Playing | Military
This server deals with all things related to Star Wars, in terms of roleplaying. We offer tons of options in terms of signing in, and plenty of roleplay space to nothing is too enclosed. We currently only have four faction groups one can affiliate with, or you can go neutral. You can be a soldier on the ground in the heat of the battle, a general controlling divisions of soldiers that continue to march on, or even an admiral controlling fleets of ships in space battles. You can be a jedi or sith, bounty hunter or even a mercenary for fun. Or the generic template if one wants to be creative, like becoming a space pirate, or a black market dealer.
Cardboard Crew Icon
Gaming | Social
We are a group of Xbox gamers just looking to get more members so we can play, Were not so much a clan and more of a bunch of people just trying to find more players to join us and have some fun. Where open to suggestions and always down to play some video games. So please we join, we would be glad to have you.
SMP 2020 Icon
Gaming | Streaming
This is a 24/7 running minecraft server made for SMP. Basically you can do whatever you want just follow the rules, which is basically no griefing but that's basically it. Join the server and have fun! Needs Java Edition. There will be a season for each update Minecraft has.
The Nexus Icon
Role-Playing | Social
Welcome to the Nexus, traveler. In the year 2121, meteors rained down from the skies, and with them, dimensional gateways to other realms and time periods. Gaps between time, space, and separate universes were suddenly closed, allowing planar travel between worlds. Archipelagos reigned over by pirates, kingdoms of magic and swordplay, ancient pantheons ruled by old gods, all bridged together. Come join the Nexus, a developing roleplay server with a wide range of settings! We’re a semi-literate to literate role-playing server with flexible guidelines for OCs and character-centric roleplay. We’re always looking for new members and people to role play with, and all are welcome to join. We hope to see you here!
MythosCraft Icon
Gaming | Community
MYTHOSCRAFT is a community based around a Minecraft modpack that is themed around adventure,RPG,fantasy play style with a growing multiplayer server and ever expanding world. features include -The modpack is free to download and is really small -a 1.12.2 server that is up and open to join 24/7. -an active admin group -constantly getting updates -hard survival with a strong high risk high reward mindset -real seasons, -different food impacts, -Teleportation through sign posts (like in the Witcher) and magic, -a ton of new biomes -buildable airships/normal vessals -tameable dragons -tons of quests to follow -skills and so much more join our discord for where you can get the modpack and to chat with us
Discortopia Adventures Icon
Role-Playing | Community
A NEW RPG Text-Based & chatting/chilling discord server
Bulgarian Crusaders Icon
Anime | Entertainment
Един от малкото български JoJo сървъри!
Smartolivegames ltd Icon
Gaming | Meme
We're a fun gaming community. Join our server for free access to beta gameplay, official trailers and have fun reviewing our games.
Storm_Mega Icon
Gaming | Anime
Channel for Anime Lovers, RPG, and Adventure Gamers. Place to relax and discuss the games and facts that can sprout from my Twitch Channnel!!!
Haven Icon
Role-Playing | Tabletop
- Many quests and adventures - Multiple Roleplay channels - Item Crafting System - Guilds and PvP system - Character backstory development - Homebrew submissions
Akanthia: Dawn of an Empire Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
Deep among the arid sands lies Akanthia, surrounded on all sides by rivaling city states and kingdoms, many of which wish to claim the oasis--the gem of the desert--for their own. Though Akanthia has largely shut itself off from the outside world, they will not be able to for much longer. As Akanthia's population booms larger by the year, their desperation grows in lockstep. Shadows of enemies loom larger over the withering city, and tensions within the walls near a breaking point. If the city means to survive, Akanthia possesses only one option: expansion. War, death, political intrigue, all driving forces of a new age for Akanthia, a new beginning, the dawn of an empire.
RPG Nexus 🗡 Icon
Entertainment | Community
A sever filled with many types of bots for you to play around in, hang out with with others in the tavern, collect many ranks and achievements! and plenty more things to do! ————————————————— Come and check out RPG Nexus today! You won't regret it =D
UK Scout Server Icon
Community | Social
Welcome to the UK scouts discord server. Here, all scouting members are welcome to come and join us. Want to socialise with our scouting community? See how British Scouting works? Or just curious? Come, take a seat around our fire and help yourself to a fresh cuppa tea.
Colonization Icon
This is a roleplay game where you can colonize planets, explore worlds, build, farm, expand empires, fight wars, and achieve
TOGWITO gameplay (V3.9) Icon
Role-Playing | Social
That One Game in WhIch Things Occur (TOGWITO) is a Role-Playing Game, where you can create a Hero and join others on special Campaigns! If you'd rather not play the game, there's plenty of social channels so you can come and make friends!
Gaming | Role-Playing
The Empire of Vega Icon
Role-Playing | Growth
Empire of Vega is a server where u can make friends and enjoy rping with fellow rp peeps. enjoy making your charactor and hanging out in the chats and more!
ï¦ï•The Quest Collective•ï¦ï Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
The Quest Collective is a RuneScape Role-playing based discord server with Role-play being within the game and the Discord it self. The idea is for you to role-play as an adventurer, or traveler and do quests you collect from a notice board. We are a fun and chill role-playing group with a DnD related role-play system and textplay! Come and give us a try!
The Fantasy Network Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
The Fantasy Network is a fun-first Minecraft community with it's main server being FantasyRpg. FantasyRpg is a 24/7 server that runs a heavily-modded custom-developed RPG experience.
Cölndir 21 Icon
Looking for a Medieval fantasy server with rich lore, organization, and capable staff? Join the brand new Cölndir, where we offer a great roleplay experience for all types! 𝐈𝐧𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 : » Content in every corner » An easy-to-get-into experience » Active community events & quests » Various roleplayers, from one-liners to literates » Fun and inviting plots » Structure and organization throughout Join now!
𝕰𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝕸𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝕬𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖒𝖞 Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
Evermore Mystic Academy. A prestigious school, well-known all throughout Utopia. An institution that welcomes all races to its door warmly. Considered a place for aspiring youths to train and hone themselves to be a pride of their kingdoms and families.
The Union Icon
Community | Gaming
Join discord and read our rule before continuing Visit the "Server Alliance Announcements" text chat to view the current status of our alliance servers Join the Alliance Waiting Room to help set up/join our alliance servers! PC AND CONSOLE PLAYERS WELCOME
Cruise: The Screams At Sea Icon
Community | Role-Playing
Heya, welcome! This is a killing game roleplay with a lot a twist! you're on a boat in the middle of the sea, along with 15-20 randoms, and a crazy captain. Will you find trust in some of these people? Feel betrayal? Or even survive this cruise trip? Seems this is going to be a summer of a lifetime,
The Hide Away Icon
LGBT | Community
A new fun server where you can invite your friends or make new friends. Where you can express yourself freely without being judged by anyone. Where you can share ideas or projects that you have in mind. Don’t let the name fool you.
Adventures in Mahquwood Icon
Role-Playing | Entertainment
A Fantasy Roleplay for all the People that like D&D and Fantasy in general,have fun
The kingdom of Erebor Icon
Community | Hobbies
Hello everyone! We are a friendly, growing community for adventure, high fantasy topics and gaming. We like to text-chat and voice-talk about things related to fantasy books, movies and games. May the power of the Maiar be with you!
Solar Systars (18+ Sci-Fi RP) Icon
Role-Playing | Anime
Solar Systars is a Sci-Fi fusion RP with a touch of space faring, a dash of cyberspace hijinks, a spritz of post apocalypse, a pinch of cyberpunk hellscape, and a lot of lasers. Though aliens, robots, mutants, and mechs are all fair game, god-like super characters are not. No immortal space furries here. Skilled characters will be skilled because they've practiced their craft, not because they were born with super powers. This server places emphasis on literacy, organization, lore, and most importantly: character driven scenes~! There is a dice-based combat system, but it is simple, and merely functional to eliminate combative god-modding. It is avoidable if you lack interest in PvP. Story is priority, not consistently one-upping each other. The server is 18+ to ensure all players are mature, competent, and literate adults. While we do allow for ERP, this isn't a server where you merely meet up and diddle people in your DMs. You must engage with the canon and play in server.
Sulky SMP Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
A survival Minecraft multiplayer smp with fun plugins to make our members have an enjoyable experience, hope to see you on the server!