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A comfy little shithole for gutters and crusts of the world. The Crasslands is a new server for Punks of all genres to congregate, to share in the love of music, and subculture. Moderation and hegemony are at a minimum, and the goal of the Crasslands is to leave the direction of the server up to the community it hosts.
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Partnered Green Day fan server with 3000+ members
A server for sharing and discussing Russian Rock, as well as Russian Chanson and other genres. ------------------------------------ Сервер для обмена и обсуждения русского рока, а также русского шансона и других жанров.
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Hi! Welcome to the Server. I'm Igiulaw, or Iggy for short. Nice to meet you. Punk (x4) is a very small server. My goal in creating this server is to share music, talk about our favourite bands, and listen together. If you happen to make friends on the way, that's great! There are two general chats, a place to put your DIY creations and a place to share your favourite bands. Along with text channels, you can listen with your friends (or new friends.) I'll be honest with you, we've been inactive for quite some time. I'm open to suggestions, so don't be shy about sharing your ideas. I don't care if you simp over certain musicians, just please keep your simping age appropriate. Thank you, - Iggy.
Radical individualist discussion and debate for vagabond, negating minds. Egoists, Anarchists, Satanists, Punk Rockers, Nihilists, Sadists, and every other selfish lover of life, willful self-creator, and nameless iconoclast is welcome to participate in my project. We discuss some of the inconsistencies of individualism and how they can be resolved (For example, how can i be an individualist if there is no transcendental "I" to benefit?) The server isn't managed by static rules, rather by the relationships you create with other people.
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Indie music and general discussion. However, any type of music can be discussed.
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An 18+ LGBTQ group for metalheads, horror fans, punks, goths, wayward artists, and other assorted weirdos. You must complete a short painless google doc form in order to have access to the actual server.
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Virtuaalinen Kirjakahvila! Jos kaipaat hengailua Kirjakahvilassa, voit tulla hengailemaan kanssamme virtuaalisesti. Luvassa kaikenlaista etäyhteisöllisyyttä, kuten sarjojen katselua ja vinkkien ja tarinoiden jakamista, ja löytyypä meiltä jopa virtuaalinen ilmaislipasto! // Virtual Turku Book Cafe! If you miss hanging out at the Book Cafe, now you can join us virtually. Watch shows together, share tips and stories, and there's even a virtual freebox!
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A Cyberpunk-themed Discord server. Rengkok City is a pretty small server, but special perks will be granted to the first 50 citizens.
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Suche neue coole Bekanntschaften die auch in die Post Punk Richtung gehen, falls jemand Lust hast sich darüber auszutauschen kommt gerne rein!
Music | LGBT
A new and upcoming server for everyone to share their love of music! We have daily activities for all server members to participate in and rewards for your activity in the server. What are you waiting for? Join our family today! Welcome to the new era of emo servers!
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A server for all things alt music! In a punk or related sub genre band? Promote it here! Have a friend in a band? Promote them here! Not in a band? Then just post some of your favorite jams and chill out with like-minded people. All music fans are welcome!
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Some games we play: League Among Us Valorant SO MUCH MORE!!!
Music | Art
A friendly community for rockers!
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Fast cars, Guns, Anime. What isnt there to like?
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shitgaze - a musical sub-genre that incorporates the hallmarks of shoegaze and noise music and lo-fi recording techniques (or lack thereof). Often found with a bit of punk influences. Originally applied to bands like Psychedelic Horseshit, Times New Viking, and others from the Columbus, Ohio scene.
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A friendly Discord community for blink-182 fans. We have channels for all members, side projects and off topic stuff. There's also a 24/7 music bot playing blink songs! Come join us!
Music | Community
Hey! I created a music server in hopes to build a community of people who love a wide variety of music. The goal is to be able to share and talk about what we love while finding new music as well. Would love to have you there!
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Music server for musicians and music lovers alike. We have many bots and we do listening parties, album exchanges and more!
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We are a punk/grunge/alternative music server focused on community and sharing/finding new music. we have a community Spotify playlist and weekly events.
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xranium is a chill, friendly, and active community based around our shared interest in metal, punk, and music in general
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█ 15% ██ 30% ███ 45% ████ 60% █████ 75% ██████ 100% ⋘ 𝑃𝑙𝑒𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑤𝑎𝑖𝑡 – 𝑙𝑜𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑑𝑎𝑡𝑎... ⋙ Welcome to BUZZKILL an alt aesthetic, non-toxic server that is based off of the underground artist, mothica i hope you join us !