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/r/goth offical discord. The only goth focused server on Discord! Tons of members, giveaways, music, you name it! What's your favorite Bauhaus track?
Role-Playing | Mature
Welcome to our server! Are you looking for a dark gothic fantasy? Do you like the things that go bump in the night? Well if so, this server is for you! The lore revolves around the ageless old feud between Vampires, Werewolves, and the Hunters who trail them. This server takes inspiration from sources such as Underworld and Van Helsing, with a little of our own mixing it all together to make a mature, and dark experience. This roleplay caters to the more horror side of the gothic theme. This server does have mature concepts, so enter at your own risk, though we still forbid ERP to happen, unless you take it to DMs. So if this is to your liking, you've come to the right place. Dating back to the dark ages when the originals of the species were born, ushering in what we know as the Vampire and Werewolves of old folklore. But after they mysteriously vanished, their creations soon spread out into the world and mingled with society. Welcome to modern day Transylvania!
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-new friends -there E-girl -Big goth girl tiddy -roblox -chat -toxic at time -gothic hang out
Language | Community
This Discord is for people interested in the Gothic language, an ancient and mysterious language spoken in the 4th century AD.
Role-Playing | Community
Themed server with more Gothic Horror vibes like Bram, Shelly, Poe, ect. Need more folks, monsters of all kinds are welcome. Help us grow with your suggestions and ideas
Hobbies | LGBT
everyone is welcome all ages, even if your not gothic your still welcome <3
Music | Entertainment
We are a gothic music focused server. We welcome goth rock, darkwave, ethereal wave, gothic metal and such. We also accept fans of industrial music, dark ambient, neofolk and witch house. We also include other channels such as gaming, philosophy and a memes channel.
Community | Gaming
Social | Entertainment
BAAL Community is an Alternative Lifestyle community we accept all shapes and sizes everyone is welcome!
Art | Community
In the Dark Museum you will find the very darkest corners of art! You will be able to post and admire the art of horror and terror! - Traditional and Digital Art. - Animations. - Literature. - Film Making. - Photography. - Music and Holophonic (3D Sound) Experiences. - A place to talk about any type of horror or terror, even the paranormal!
Role-Playing | Gaming
"Welcome, fresh blood. You appear to be quite enticed by the sight of my castle. Why don't you come inside for a little while? I promise it will be worth your precious time..." Fidelio's Palace is a server dedicated to tabletop roleplaying. We are open to both players and Dungeon Masters who are looking to participate & host games. Anything can be played, from Dungeons and Dragons 5e to your very own system. No experience required! We have... 🍷 - A category for socializing (Gaming, anime, art [including commission info!], and more) 🍷 - Voice channels for gaming, music, and casual conversation 🍷 - Collaborative resource channel 🍷 - A place where you can discuss ideas for campaigns, characters, stories, etc 🍷 - A special channel just for Dungeon Masters 🍷 - Roll20 tutorials 🍷 - And much more! We would love to see you, so do stop by and say hello!
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Wer "Atemlos durch die Nacht" postet wird permanent gebannt. Hier könnt ihr Euer dunkles Gedankengut äußern und hoffentlich auch neue Musikaneignungen finden. Freie Rede wird hier Groß geschrieben. Kontrovers? Kein Problem. Ihr kennt noch jemanden, der auf diesem Server nicht fehlen sollte? Dann klickt endlich auf "Join Server", meine Fresse.
Music | Community
We are a Goth-oriented community, here to share our passion for the music, the culture, and the aesthetic. We're also open to accepting new people who are uninformed, but are interested in learning and getting involved. Here you'll find discussions ranging from music, literature, art, fashion, cosmetics, witchcraft, horror, gaming, and more.