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Extensive renovation work underway. Upgrading soon, bigger and better than ever.
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Community | Social | Mature
Extensive renovation work underway. Upgrading soon, bigger and better than ever.
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Gaming | Social
Learn how to install the Town of Host mod. Host and join Modded Among us Lobbies. Play Bot games. 18+. SFW-ish.
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Community | Gaming
Casual server for adults. Finally get away from the toxic child lobbies and escape to the bliss and tranquility of adult only gaming. Active VC's for fun lobby gaming including Among Us, Rocket League, First Class Trouble and many many more!
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Hobbies | Community
I created this server for the adult riders and owners in mind as I found there are not many around that is for us adults only. This means that you must be over 18 to join. However, this is NOT a place for NSFW and indecent behaviour. I wish to grow a community that are either trainers and riders themselves or who are interested and wish to learn about horse riding, training, and ownership. I hope at some stage we can do online clinics for people but for now, I don't have the manpower.
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Anime | Community
We are a multi-ship server looking to create a relaxed space for people to enjoy and engage with others in the fandom. This means ship and let ship. While we encourage critical analysis and civil discourse (discussing why we like or dislike something in a rational manner) we work to maintain a space free of harsh judgement or personal attacks. If you cannot either avoid or engage calmly and respectfully with content you don't like, this is not the space for you. While the bulk of the server is SFW, this is still intended as an adult fandom space. That means 18+ only.
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Gaming | Community
If you're looking to make new friends you have come to the right server. Welcome to UK Adult Gamers, we are a new server looking to expand and make long lasting friends along the way! We play a multitude of different games and love to chat about anything and everything. So feel free to join the conversation and have fun!
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Gaming | Entertainment
Our Mission: HadokenxGaming aims to provide a friendly/active Discord for Adult gamers. We are here to have fun, meet others and be respectful. Please keep communication and humor in good taste. Distasteful behavior or comments when communicating with the Discord will not be tolerated. Must be at least 18+ years old to be accepted.
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Art | Writing
The Art Galaxy is an 18+ only creatives server! Our man focus is not NSFW, but we are a space that caters to an adult-only artistic space. We welcome illustrators, crafters, writers, photographers, and film-makers! We support each other in this here galaxy. Come join our orbit! <3
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Community | Social
The Hangout Spot!™ is a SFW community for adults (18+) only! Our aim is to be a place where adults can just come hang out and hopefully make friends! Our server offers: ➤ A fun & relaxing atmosphere! ➤ Many self selecting roles! ➤ A Movie club! ➤ A variety of channels! ➤ Server Games! (C.a.h, Uno & Jackbox) ➤ Random giveaways & events! ➤ Bots! And more! If our server sounds like one you're looking for, we'd love to have you!
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Gaming | Anime
OwO what's this?! [21+ ONLY] We're a simple community and chill server for adult anime fans who like to play fortnite. We offer both a place to talk about your favorite anime and manga as well as a place to find people who have similar interest to yourself to play fortnite with. What are you waiting for? Come play with us!