M.A.O.D. (Mature adults only discord) is a place where mature adults can come relax & hang out. Anyone 18 or older is welcome. We have a NSFW section (opt in required), self assigning roles & more! Come check us out today!
We're pretty much just a bunch of people from around the world who love to chat here on Discord. If you stay you are sure to make friends.
A social server that offers game, movie, and porn nights. (Yes, we do have an NSFW channel) We have many voice & text channels dedicated to particular topics and even roleplay channels. New server, accepting ideas.
Burgers and Beers, A 18+ server for people to just chill, open a beer and play games, watch movies, do karaokes discuss anime and make friends! We focus heavily on 'real life talks, Gaming, Anime-Manga, and Creativity.
A XBox One life community. We offer many jobs including an ad-free cad and active economy.
a laid-back server for mature audiences only. what do we have in store for those who join? - self-assignable roles - fun chat full of kool kids - safe space for you to be you + new & slowly growing server, so the chat will not be as active+
A new server featuring panda emojis! 18+ Adults, looking for chill social interactions and no drama. Help us grow a new place to hang out and talk about a variety of topics, in a welcoming environment!
* ☆ Hello friends! * ☆ Welcome to my dumb and weird server! I recommend you all to join~ there's a lot of friends you can chat with! Also you can invite your friend to join too! There's a lot of bots activities/anime channels etc.. Pls be mindful and read the rules before you chat with other people! * ☆ I maybe need some active admin/mod application if you people are active pls dm me and why you wanted to apply as an admin/mod * ☆ * ☆ there is a nsfw but its in a channel so you pervs don't send any lewd things in general 😋 * ☆ * ☆ hope you enjoy this awesome server! ❤ * ☆
Small server for niche subcultures. Little censorship. Adult demographic. Share your own arts and media.
Coven of Solitude (18+) A brand new SFW adult-only server built by adults for adults. Come hang out, advertise, share interests and hobbies and say hi! No ID verification or forced introductions required!
Hey! Were a fun community who grew from a WoW guild- we have many users who don't play WoW so don't worry! We're welcoming and very open to new people, give us a try! We don't tend to use voice chat, we are primarily a text chatting community. - CoinMaster idle clicker style bot - Active tight knit community where your voice matters - Gambling & Trivia bots - High freedom, low number of rules - Porn/Spam channels for bots and Dank Memer