Mature | Social | Community
Come goof off with (mostly) mature 20⇨40 somethings and form some genuine online friendships. Share your art / food / geekery with us!
Mature | Social | Community
Come goof off with (mostly) mature 20⇨40 somethings and form some genuine online friendships. Share your art / food / geekery with us!
Mature | Social | Community
Come goof off with (mostly) mature 20⇨40 somethings and form some genuine online friendships. Share your art / food / geekery with us!
Social | Anime
Burgers and Beers, A 18+ server for people to just chill, open a beer and play games, watch movies, do karaokes discuss anime and make friends! We focus heavily on 'real life talks, Gaming, Anime-Manga, and Creativity.
Community | Anime
* ☆ Hello friends! * ☆ Welcome to my dumb and weird server! I recommend you all to join~ there's a lot of friends you can chat with! Also you can invite your friend to join too! There's a lot of bots activities/anime channels etc.. Pls be mindful and read the rules before you chat with other people! * ☆ I maybe need some active admin/mod application if you people are active pls dm me and why you wanted to apply as an admin/mod * ☆ * ☆ there is a nsfw but its in a channel so you pervs don't send any lewd things in general 😋 * ☆ * ☆ hope you enjoy this awesome server! ❤ * ☆
Anime | Mature
Small server for niche subcultures. Little censorship. Adult demographic. Share your own arts and media.
Community | Social
Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. To make friends worldwide. This server is for 40+ until 70+ gamers and none gamers only, where you have to verify to join.
Community | Furry | LGBT
Server owner has no idea what he's doing. You are bored and looking for an interesting place to spend your time. You are interesting and dynamic.
Support | Growth
This server's goal is to help adults move from social anxiety to effortless social confidence through support and through knowledge. While oriented towards folks with more mature life circumstances, this server is open to anyone looking to resolve their social anxiety.
Social | Mature
A new server featuring panda emojis! 18+ Adults, looking for chill social interactions and no drama. Help us grow a new place to hang out and talk about a variety of topics, in a welcoming environment!
For the older folks out there that can't play like they want to because of families, jobs, significant others, etc. A friendly server for relaxed, casual games. Hang out, play games, and shoot the shit with other like minded people.
Streaming | Community
This is my discord for my twitch, but can also be used to connect with others, chat and connect with other games and play games with. There heaps to do, lots of bots and things to do..This is streamer friendly we promote other streamers in this discord. Music bots and a command text channel. Music Bots: - Rythem Bot - Groovy Bot - Dyno Bot - Adults 18+ text channel and voice - Twitch Shout-outs and promos - Appreciation text channel - memes channel - pets and selfies text channel - Streamers Voice channel - General Voice Channels - Gaming Voice Channels - Music Booths Voice Channels Also looking for discord mods and twitch mods. Please apply by messaging the owner.
Anime | Gaming
21+ Anime/Manga/Gaming/Social Server
Role-Playing | Gaming
A XBox One life community on GTA Boosted Level 2 Discord Full Paid Pro CAD Endless opportunities Custom Commands Economy Much more!!
Anime | Community
○●○●○●○●Welcome●○●○●○●○ We are a server of having a good time, we're into anime and music. A place to vibe and chill, meet new people. We are a welcoming bunch for the most part, we also having gaming and art, we prefer an older group but we can make exceptions. So come fly with us to the moon and explore all the possibilities that awaits you.
Gaming | Community | LGBT
Animal Crossing: New Horizon, 18+ Gaming Group, ACNH, Social, Simulation.
Anime | Gaming
NightLife Otaku ist ein Discord Server für Anime Liebhaber/innen, Cosplayer/innen, Zeichner/innen, Gamer/innen sowie Streamer/Youtuberinnen und generell Menschen, welche einfach gerne Neue Leute kennen lernen und spaß haben möchten. Außerdem haben wir einen NSFW Bereich, welcher nur mit Deiner Bestätigung Dir auch angezeigt wird. Hier wird über die verschiedensten Themen diskutiert und wenn Du dich uns anschließen möchtest, so seist Du herzlichst Willkommen auf unserem Server <3
We are a clan of gamers that are full time workings adults, parents, and/or military vets that enjoy gaming and have fun doing so. We understand that life happens and sometimes you need to take care of your home and family in the middle of the game. We get that you have a life outside of the game and that at any moment while you are gaming that your family may need you and you will have to step away for a bit. That is ok, we understand that. We strive to help you game and take care of your family. We have been helping our community grow for the past 2 years and our Motto is Life happens. If you want to join, follow the link below to join our discord. Anyone is welcome to join us!!
Anime | Community
Minecraft, Roblox, Gmod, Maplestory, and any other games are here for you, chat with people and find people to play games with, Getting tired of games? Join our anime channels and talk about some anime!
Community | Entertainment
People 25 and up watching movies, chatting, venting, memeing, and generally avoiding our personal and professional responsibilities via discord.