Gaming | Bot
This is the Offical fan club of GuiDeveloper.
Programming | Entertainment
A server for indie gaming
YouTuber | Gaming
This is just another normal server where you can hang out and have fun! We are a small community so please help us grow! We would really appreciate that! We do daily giveaways too! We hope you enjoy your stay here!
Music | Community
A fan server dedicated to musician Regina Spektor.
Anime | Social
Come join us at Haikyuu Central! We offer an array of chatroom to discuss about not only Haikyuu, but various other anime's and manga. Come meet new people and make friends. We are open to anyone, from any background, so don't be shy. We are waiting for you!
This server is made for those Daredevil fans out there. Come join us, let's have some fun.
Anime | YouTuber
Ollie Supremacy! Gain Access to over 50 new Ollie emotes as well as join a welcoming community of fellow Zomrades! If you're looking for a place to discuss everyone's favorite Zombie Idol, this is your one-stop-shop for Ollie, Hololive, and everything in between! We include a large catalog of Ollie-themed (and Hololive) discord emotes, and we plan to continue expanding our library daily!
YouTuber | Gaming
This is the official fan+active server of Itspowerinaro and powerinaro! These 2 youtube channels are both the same as they are owned by the channel starter of powerinaro! Real-life name of owner: "Joshua" if you join, I don't mind you calling me it :D I hope you enjoy this server!
Community | Furry
A group for those that like MLP whether it's ponies, the human version of them, or OCs even. This is a chill server and to hang out among each other