Gaming | Programming
A place to discuss all things Chuhou Joutai and other products by Drillimation Systems.
Gaming | Community
The official Discord server for LUNA The Shadow Dust, a fully hand-animated Point&Click puzzle adventure, brought to life through wordless storytelling, beautiful cinematics and a breathtaking original soundtrack.
Discord server of indie game studio "Dyadic Games"
Gaming | Entertainment
Official Discord Server from french publisher/distributor Just For Games. Welcome aboard ! Check our last announcements and speak with fans of indie games, retrogaming, AAA and many more!
Technology | YouTuber
Ruby Interactive Games is a server made for indie game developers, small youtubers and indie gamers! It's designed to find people with common interests to chat with, as well as helping eachother improve at our skills! Please try and engage in fun conversation and not all business!
Gaming | Streaming
A place for all gamers, streamers, TV, movie, geeks, nerds and basically anyone to come and hang out to chat about whatever. It's also a sub-server for MGAceman's Twitch with a super secret area!!
YouTuber | Design | LGBT
A friendly community of nerds, artists, and gamers, run by a travelling hippie indie developer, Rinabow. Come in and share some of your art, photos, crafts, or game dev projects. Our community keeps a generally chill and open environment. Our community owner is also a solo developer behind a 2D platformer known as Floating Wonderland, so this will also serve as an "official" community for that game.
Gaming | Programming
Free games, giveaways, and discussions for fans of new retro and indie games from Mega Cat Studios. Come say hello and take part in our community of cats who have a shared love for pixel art games!
Gaming | Writing
The official Discord server of The Indie Game Website (
Gaming | Hobbies
A server part of my Kimmunity where a variety of different games are spoken of great if your looking for new gamers to play with.
Gaming | Streaming
This is a place where you will meet some wonderful people and make some good friends. The GD family may be small at the moment but we are tight and always have each others backs and with your help, we can grow into one big happy family! There are quite a few small streamers in this server and we do our best to support each others streams but we are a family first and foremost who enjoys having a good laugh together.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to the Data7 Community Server! We are a group of game developers making a high quality FPS game! Come and join! Take a look, chill in #off-topic, as the dev team questions etc!
Community | Technology
GamesRnD >> Server for Game Developers to connect, network, and promote their Games. >> Promote your Games you are working on and get feedback. >> Free Mentoring Sessions from Industry Professionals.
Gaming | Support
Looking for early supporters and possible developers to help out with the art design and code.
Gaming | Community
Official server of Simpocalypse, a post-apocalyptic civilization simulator game! A friendly and welcoming gaming community!