Crypto | Financial
Donationcoin- The cryptocurrency of charity and charitable giving.
Gaming | Community
Official server for Gaming For Global Change.
Streaming | Gaming
This is a group of people who stream together we have fun and always have a great time. We also have an upcoming 24 hour live stream on trying to raise money for our countries health service to help with the Corona Virus out break.
eSports | Community
We are a newly founded charity working to help out the gaming community as best we can.
Community | Social
The official Homies For Hydration server! We are a collaborative charitable company and community helping fight water scarcity! The server is also just a nice place to hang out, have fun, and hydrate!
Community | Gaming
RaptureLab is an organization all about videogames! We own Nintendathon a charity gaming marathon! Everyone is welcome and no matter your interest we have space for you! Come check us out, and talk about your interests!
Community | Financial
Staples is my dream job
Community | Social
We’re a new positive community-based server with the goal of connecting all sorts of people together. No matter what your interest or hobbies may be, The goal is to build a community together where people can share their experiences and truly create a positive impact in- as well as outside of our Discord server. We have: • Colour roles • Music Bots • Arcade • RPG • Channels for art, fashion, Social media, Health and Wellness etc. • Lots of bots with fun features • Welcoming and supportive staff If you’re looking for a welcoming and striving community let's do so together!
Gaming | Community
Death Throne is a League of Legends group where our main goal is to help everyone climb elo, find teammates, and most importantly have fun😸 Every couple weeks, we host 1v1, 2v2, and 5v5 tournaments, where the winner(s) either get a $10 - $25 gamecard code, or we donate a certain amount of money to non-profit charities. We're trying to become an active community so we're going to be hosting a lot of game nights, movie nights, and group-discussions as well.
Hello! You may be wondering what this server is, and I will tell you! This server is an initiative to test those "Paypal Rewards" servers. If the server turns out to be real, the money will either be donated to charity or be given away on this server! (dependent on votes) If you want to join this initiative, join us!
Gaming | Streaming
Community | Social
The purpose of Project Community is just what the name is, to make a Community. Anyone from any race, creed, sexuality is welcome here. We want this to be a place where creatives can come and meet other creatives, people can meet their best friends. Show love to others through charity events that the Community decides what charity to give to. Have all of our art be made by the community. We want to make a place where the community decided how the server is ran, within reason. This was meant to be a place where anyone can come and be shown kindness, we will keep it that way, and just because we want that doesn’t mean we won’t kick or ban those that break our rules and hurt our community.
Community | Tabletop
A tabletop role playing community. We produce several podcasts, monthly interactive tabletop games to raise money for Extra-Life, and we are also the home of DralaCon, a table top gaming convention being held July 12-14th in Fort Wayne, IN. Join today!