? Flower NFTs are here! ?

Join our cause of charity driven NFT Metaverse Project! A real utility crypto project.

Total number of NFTs: ?️ 10 000 unique tokens, each with high quality unique flowers

Utility: ? approx. 150 000 m2 of wild flowers planted in real world (bees love this stuff ? ) ? future use in metaverse (plant your flowers, become a plantation owner!), ? quality botanical art (best valentines gift ever! ? ) ? exclusive access to next projects, sneak peaks and merch! ? bragging rights to be among first supporters of this awesome project!!! ? ?

Date and time of launch: January 2022, TBA Will there be a whitelist: yes! still open, hurry up! ⏰ Community activities: sure! ? BUG BOUNTY contest running NOW! ?

The initiative – ? Crypto4Changemaking ? aims to bridge crypto and real world! We are building a platform for all charity focused projects in crypto world! Make a positive change in real-world and become an owner of flower parcels in metaverse! Crypto pros + Ashoka (a real-world pro Changemakers since 1980) joined forces to make that happen!