Support | Gaming
Guardians MH is a 501c3 nonprofit mental health org supporting the gaming community. Our community discord server is a safe and inclusive atmosphere with peer support channels, access to resources, and more
Gaming | eSports
Absolute Leverage is a non-profit eSports organization focused on impacting the lives of the less fortunate and children in need. We seek to be a light in the darkness for others and strive to give back to communities. Our events, giveaways, tournaments, and organizational fundraisers provide a unique opportunity to change lives and shed the stigma within the gaming community. Join us and help level the playing field for those who need it most.
Anime | Community
BAP Scans is also known as Best Absolute Perfect, it was named as a fan group for the Korean Boy Band by Lily, Bread, and Mango who founded the group. It is now only a manga scanlation group that does it unofficially and for fun purposes.
Education | Programming
Codivate is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with over 400 students and 50 team members in 6 US states dedicated to teaching students computational thinking and the fundamentals of programming in a fun and comprehensive way, all for free. Check us out at To tutor/learn at Codivate, please send a DM to r𝓪d𝓲o𝓪c𝓽i𝓿e#6969 once joining the server. To tutor, you must be 13+ and enrolled in secondary or tertiary education. We are also looking for new chapters! If you are interested in starting a chapter of Codivate in your state or country, please DM r𝓪d𝓲o𝓪c𝓽i𝓿e#6969.