Support | Gaming
Guardians MH is a 501c3 nonprofit mental health org supporting the gaming community. Our community discord server is a safe and inclusive atmosphere with peer support channels, access to resources, and more
Gaming | eSports
Absolute Leverage is a non-profit eSports organization focused on impacting the lives of the less fortunate and children in need. We seek to be a light in the darkness for others and strive to give back to communities. Our events, giveaways, tournaments, and organizational fundraisers provide a unique opportunity to change lives and shed the stigma within the gaming community. Join us and help level the playing field for those who need it most.
Anime | Community
BAP Scans is also known as Best Absolute Perfect, it was named as a fan group for the Korean Boy Band by Lily, Bread, and Mango who founded the group. It is now only a manga scanlation group that does it unofficially and for fun purposes.
Business | Science
InterSTEM is a non-profit organization run by high school students who aim to provide STEM-related education and raise awareness about the impact of STEM on current issues throughout the world. Functioning mainly online, this platform offers a tutoring service for students, updates readers about current news in STEM through articles and blog posts, and provides a supportive environment for students to collaborate on and receive mentorship for research projects. Through the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, InterSTEM gives youths of all backgrounds the opportunity to both explore and dive deeper into their passion.