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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Social 💬 24/7 Voice Chat 🌺 Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Gaming | Hobbies
Hi, to all my girlies. If you are looking for a cute apex server with only girls from around the world, which is focused on gaming, just join us. The verification is easy and fast^^. We are currently the biggest one of its kind.
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Community | Gaming
This is my community server cuz I stream and just want somewhere for my viewers to hang and meet new people and content creators (Goth Girls get special treatment)
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Art | Community
Women-led NFT art project. NFTs for GOOD. Web3 global women adoption. First collection: “the Amazons” ?.
stat destroyers ? [21++] Icon
Gaming | Community
Du hast keinen Bock mehr auf fiese online Randos und Kinder in Lobbies? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wir sind ein deutscher Gaming Server für alle Damen ab 21! Hier steht der Spaß am Spielen an erster Stelle, egal ob du FPS oder lieber cozy Games zockst. Und wenn du üben willst, nehmen wir dich gerne an die Hand! Ausserdem findest du hier: - Viele liebe Damen mit noch süßeren Haustieren! - Gaming- & Themenrollen, damit wir zusammenfinden - OT Themen Channel, denn wir haben viele Interessen (zB. einen extra Raum für LGBTQ+, Mütter, technische Fragen oder zum einfach mal abkotzen, denn das Leben einer Dame ist schwer!) - Events und Aktionen (Challenges, gemeinsame Spieleabende, etc) - ab und an Verlosen wir auch Nitro, oder andere Goodies - ein super liebes Serverteam - Einen extra Bereich für einfache Rollenspiele (Pen&Paper, D&D) Hoffentlich bis gleich! Kuss kuss ?
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Role-Playing | Hobbies
Allo peeps! We're a Discord server dedicated to supporting and including gals and non-binary pals who play DnD and other TTRPGs! W are accepting of all female identifying individuals and non-binary folk! If you’d call yourself a dame, and you’re cool with other people doing so, then you’re in the right place. This group is about finding other nerdy people, getting more people to play DnD, making friends, making jokes, and learning more about the game. So come on over if you want ^_^
▓╬═ இ DISCOVERY ٩(̾●̮̮̃•̃̾)۶ ═╬▓ Icon
Community | Role-Playing
??? Cool server for fun conversations with beautiful girls and smart guys. Pleasant and interesting hangout and pastime.
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Beliefs | Community
A server for Christian women,
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Community | Entertainment
We're a big chill af, mostly black community that's still growing nitro giveaways 1:1 female:male ratio Funniest Voice chats Make friends right away movie nights games Simple rules youtube podcasts
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Community | Social
Server for ladies and girls to discuss anything relating to women's issues.
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Maybe Ladies Among Us is an Among Us Discord for women (cis/trans), non-binary and gender nonconforming individuals! We have raffles, frequent games, really nice members and a cool community!
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Community | Streaming
A safe place for lady streamers and the people who support them!
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Community | Gaming
this server is full amazing, beautiful and wonderful women. I have met so many different types of girls and i'm so glad that i made this server, I've made so many new friends of all ages. I made this server 13+ so that no girl nor women would feel left out cause of age.
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Meme | Support
This bot has various commands such as giveaway, reactionrole, captcha(verification), etc. Please use /help for more information.
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Meme | Support
This bot has various commands such as giveaway, reactionrole, captcha(verification), etc. Please use /help for more information.
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Community | Technology
Discord space for women in male-dominated fields to help with work related questions and relate to others in the sea of testosterone. Not a man-hating group and accepting of all those who identify as female.
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Gaming | Emoji
just a gaming server for anyone to join some of the owners will do random things to you maybe if that happens DM me im the main owner [beanose#2052]
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Art | Community
A fun space for femme humans and women. No matter your gender identity, you are welcome here! If you identify with Female, then you get special access to private girls only channels. (Trans Females Accepted ♡)
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Community | LGBT
**This server is 14+ and cis women focused.** Our goal is to create a safe and fun space. We focus on gaming (Here you can find buddies to play with) and other purposes that fit our community; ranging from general discussion, game nights, movie nights and even a women's health corner. It's a Cis-women focused server. By no means are we trying to invalidate trans people, we simply believe there are already plethora of online communities that cater to LGBTQ+ issue. We think cis women deserve their own little space considering how rare it is to find something like this online. **Verification process is safe and is necessary to ensure the community remains a safe space. The image you send won't be shared and the only person that sees it is the staff member you've chosen to verify you.**
? Cuties Who Game ? Icon
Gaming | Anime
»»————- ?????? ??? ???? ————-«« A discord server just for women, this is an 18+ server with lots of channels. I'm hoping to build up a community of other women who love to game! This can include but is not limited to: ★League of legends ★ACNH ★Overwatch ★Minecraft ★Genshin Impact
Hijabi gang Icon
Beliefs | Entertainment
Assalam o Alaikum, Hijabi gang is a brand new server aiming to bring Muslim women together. As a convert, I know how tough it is to find a sense of belonging in our current cultural landscape, that's why I made this server so we can have a safe place to interact and get to know one another. I aim to have regular VC's and game nights including gartic, scrib.io, Town of Salem and more! As a bonus our emotes are fun as well ;). Let's encourage one another to do good insha allah
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Community | Gaming
a community for only women to game/chill with other women. (special circumstances can lead to others joining besides women)
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Community | LGBT
A female lead server meant to help women come together and support each other.