Our mission is to provide a safe place for sisters in Christ to gather away from the typical male-lead (and sometimes aggressive) discord servers to share, learn, and grow in Christ.
-- this server has various tags to find women w similar interests -- This is a girl's only server for those suffering from pms, pcos, endo & other health issues. skin care, nails, natural remedies & herbology, plants, art, & so much more. We've ensured that your privacy is protected, and you can trust that you are safe in this server & free to talk about anything you please. This is not a feminist server or an anti men server, although - no men allowed. come join the cysterhood. (:
(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ Welcome to The Useless Sapphics! We're all gay and we're too useless to tell when we're actually being flirted with, but join your fellow useless gays!! (。’▽’。)♡ {Please be aware that this is a wlw/Nbwl server! Not made for men/cishets! This server is also 15+,please do not join if you are younger than this.} We have - ‧₊˚✩ Self assignable roles ‧₊˚✩ Fun, Planned Events - Gaming nights, Movie nights ‧₊˚✩ Interactive channels - Book clubs/Dnd/Writing prompts ‧₊˚✩ Game bots ‧₊˚✩ memes! - polls/qotd! ‧₊˚✩ active members & staff! ‧₊˚✩ discussion channels for all interests
🍓🍓🍓 Cool server for fun conversations with beautiful girls and smart guys. Pleasant and interesting hangout and pastime.
A fun server that advises all both men, women and Australians to feel welcomed and enlightened, and to be eXtRaOrDiNaRy.
Allo peeps! We're a Discord server dedicated to supporting and including gals and non-binary pals who play DnD and other TTRPGs! W are accepting of all female identifying individuals and non-binary folk! If you’d call yourself a dame, and you’re cool with other people doing so, then you’re in the right place. This group is about finding other nerdy people, getting more people to play DnD, making friends, making jokes, and learning more about the game. So come on over if you want ^_^
Welcome to Lesbian Discourse! We are inclusive of all female identifying people who love women! ? Music bots ⚔️ Lots of active chatting ? Nsfw channels (+18) ? Self Assignable roles ? VC member verification ? All the girl on girl discourse We look forward to meeting you! Signed ~ LD staff
A friendly female only runescape server!
The Hub is a server that primarily focuses on bringing multiple communities to one server. with custom roles, you choose exactly what you see within the server down to the very game!