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We're a community of bros and sisters that support eachother and have fun together, either by spamming 21 or epic gayming you know what im sayin. We promote free speech but we are mostly thicc skinned so if you get offended easily this might not be for you fam. Also we aint associated with 21 savage
Community | Art
Welcome to Haven. Our server is offering a safe place for female gamers to gather, away from online harassment. We are offering support, advice, and a positive environment to socialise. Whilst this server is not female exclusive, we strongly enforce that people who join follow our values.
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We are accepting all artists and gamers and musicians. Contestar regular thing as well as events. We are a safe discord for all who want to share and improve their work. Come join us!
Streaming | YouTuber
Community Discord for https://www.twitch.tv/anonymous_lass | have fun and make friends!
LGBT | Community
A community for those identifying as female or non-binary who love women. Greetings from Themyscira, home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. We are a growing home for women loving warriors looking for a safe place to meet others with shared interests, relax, and have fun. ⭐ Weekly fun activities hosted by our events committee ⭐ Regular voice chats 💗 Heated science debates 💗 Dedicated team of 12+ staff members 💗 Channels including hall of fame (for hilarious out of context quotes), to those aimed at lovers of games, food, animals, memes and more. What better place than Themyscira for wlw? Located on Paradise Island itself, hidden from man so the Amazons may live and train (play) in peace.
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A place to chat about minecraft or other games, there's memes, there's not really any rules so uh just have fun
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A small but tight community of weebs, gamers and anyone else really. discuss your favourite things, make friends and enjoy spending time in our ever growing community.
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Come down to the Domain buddy ;3 >Chill and friendly >Gaming,chatting etc. >Helpful active staff >
Community | LGBT
A welcoming females only server, especially for wlw. Our staff are active and friendly. We have interview system to keep the server sfe. Include self assignable roles such as colours and personalities and support channel, and bots to use. Events and activities as well. Give us a try.
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overwatch discord for woman! LGBT friendly
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‣ Hiring staff/ Partner Managers ⋆ ‣ Leveling system ⋆ ‣ Chill community ⋆ ‣ Active community ⋆ ‣ Economy ⋆ ‣Small but active ⋆ > ✦ | Selfies channel > ✦| 1:1 Female and male ratio > ✦| Friendly staff members > ✦ | Custom ranks > ✦ | Our server is highly protected!
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Chill server with (mostly) mature people in it. A very laid back environment, no worries about making petty staff mad. We all know how to take a joke and we all love some deep fried internet garbage.
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we are a trans-exclusionary females only server or women born women community. self-care, interests and fun activity! ladies come join, we have coochies.
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«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────» welcome to egirl palace! we are a female only discord server with a small, friendly community that is willing to expand! ╔═════ ∘◦ ⛧ミ ◦∘ ══════╗ ☆ active members ☆ friendly community ☆ female only ☆ game nights ☆ movie nights ☆ and much more ╚═════ ∘◦ ミ⛧ ◦∘ ═════╝
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Welcome to Galactic Guardians! Galactic Guardians is an active international Overwatch Community that welcomes you all! Our friendly staff and members ensure everyone has fun and gets to join our chats, events, PUGs, tournaments and make friends! The community has grown around our female only teams and our goal is to encourage and help girls within all skill levels in Overwatch. Hope to see you soon!