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MWBM is a server for men who want a digital space to bond with other men, as men, in both casual and serious ways; a digital community that celebrates the many, many positives of conventional masculinity and conventional male interests and ways of socialising. We're brothers who chat nonsense, compete, banter, bond and uplift each other where it counts. If you're a dude who enjoys being a dude, and are aged 16 or older, you are very welcome to join us to chat sports, fitness, movies, cars, DIY, gaming, alcohol, sex (in an optional NSFW over-18s area), men's issues, what it means to be a man in the 21st century and anything else guy-related. We have strict rules against cringe and meme content, welcome gay/bi bros and have tighter standards for talking politics to build (we hope) a higher quality community.