Community | LGBT
An aro/ace focused server for asexuals, aromantics, aroaces & non-ace/aro allies to hang out regardlessof discourse stance.
LGBT | Social
Howdy partner, Aro Rodeo is a safe community for asexual and aromantic individuals and allies. Stop by to socialize meet friends and relax.
Community | LGBT
Hello! We are a safe space for ALL LGBTQ+ members. In this cult, we have a support system, advice, chatting, and a supportive community. Feel free to come on in! We've also got memes!
LGBT | Community
A safe space for anyone lgbtq+ to hang out, talk about fandoms, get support, make new friends, and educate themselves on our history as a community. We ask that if you are a cisgender heterosexual that you please do not join, as well as if you cannot respect everyone's identities. NO NSFW OR SLURS.
LGBT | Support
A fairly straightforward server with roles for various disorders/conditions. Every channel is fined-tuned to be useful and we feel like we've got a little something for everyone. Well, everyone that is ace/aro/ND.
Community | Social
An umbrella server covering both the aromantic spectrum and the asexual spectrum. Prioritizes socializing and having fun while encouraging critical discussions.