Greetings! Are you tired of getting lost in big servers? Are you looking for a friendly server that you can call home? Look no further! The Hideaway is the place for you!
Potato Taterhouse is an LGBTQA+ server, what is a safe environment for teenagers and adults. We chill, relax and make friends.
LGBTQ Realm is a safe, fun, and supportive place welcomed to all. Come make friends and invite yours. We have a dedicated various channels and weekly events such as favorite song of the week, sharing our personal music playlists, and new music Friday! Come join and meet some friendly and great people. What We Offer: • Weekly Events • Friendly Members and Community • Various Identity Roles • Dedicated Voice and Text Channels • Colorful Roles • Level Up Roles • Fun Bots and Emotes
This a server for women who love women! nb and trans inclusive!! people aged 18+ come make new gay friends and chill out!
Sappho's Island is a 16+ server for women-loving women (also nb inclusive). We offer a place to chat, discuss and meet with other WLW!
This server mainly based of a server for women who love woman
LGBT+ Family & Games (LFG) is a very friendly LGBT+ community welcoming all types of members (gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, asexual, straight, furry, etc). The community has: 👦Self-assignable roles. 🎮 Gaming Channels 🎲 Giveaways & Events 📹 Video Chat Rooms 🌈 Custom LGBT+ Social Network Site and Apps 🌵 Private Minecraft Server 🔒 Teen only channels for members 13-17 🍆 NSFW for 18+ Members Come join the fam!
Welcome to the Boredom Crew We're a new LGBT+ focused group, but we accept all sexualities. Come to hang out, chill and chat. We have a NSFW (18+) and a selfies channel, with more to come as we work out the kinks a bit better. We are still running on trial and error, if you have any suggestions for the server we'd be happy to listen. :)