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TheAspieWorld Official Discord
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This is a place for people with ADHD to connect and make friends, to exchange tips and life-hacks, and to know about upcoming ADHD-related events. The community is open to people anywhere in the world, though we are primarily English speaking. The community is LGBT+ friendly and open to people of all ages, but it primarily intended for adults from 18-99. No disparaging comments are allowed, you be banned. This needs to be a safe place for people to exchange ideas.
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This server is for discussing issues related to anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, phobias and etc. Those simply dealing with anxiety as a symptom or those who want to know more about it are also welcome. There are plenty of mods and we try to cultivate a positive and supportive environment while still accommodating the need to discuss heavier issues. A lot of effort is directed towards minimizing the kind of drama and toxicity that can eat away at online communities.
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For people with or support those with Asperger's, Autism, and other comorbid disorders. We have memes.
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Welcome to Spectrum! Spectrum is a discord dedicated to the ADHD and Autism community to bring the communities together to talk!
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A fairly straightforward server with roles for various disorders/conditions. Every channel is fined-tuned to be useful and we feel like we've got a little something for everyone. Well, everyone that is ace/aro/ND.
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A server to talk about any issues and make friends (LGBT+, ASD/ADHD, Depression/Anxiety GD) with no judgement or drama. We are a very welcoming diverse community and are willing to talk about any issues with no stigma or judgement.
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This is a neurodiverse community. We welcome anyone with any illness, diversity or disability. Project NEURODIVERSITY is a server for support, hanging out and having fun. What we offer: - 24/7 fun - Self assignable roles - Chats for gaming, anime, reading, cars, animals etc... - Memes - VC channels - Support channels - Venting channels - A lot of chats