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Fitness Server dedicated in helping you achieve your goals. Join we're waiting for you
Science | Support
Explore the ecological world of health.
Social | Education
This is a server for people who want to talk about how to not be sad. If you are sad, and you want to not be sad, please join for help. We provide a number of tactics and techniques which can help self-directed individuals not be so sad all the time.
Community | Social
A place for people with OCD to hang out, chat, share experiences, blow off steam, and support each other. The server is brand new and I'm looking to add some members. Looking to make this a supportive and friendly place for people with OCD. Just created this - be a founding member!
Community | Growth
A gathering of cultivation minded people with focus on nofap / semen-retention, and wellness (both physical and mental). An opportunity for people to break free of their previous limitations and help each other come into their own power.
Growth | Support
An eating disorder recovery community
Growth | Community
Just trying to reinvent the way you learn.
Community | Social
This server is for people to vent their feelings and emotions. People in this server are here to listen to you and to hopefully give advice. We have certified members for those who want to talk to someone one on one. We are a community to help others and to make friends!
Fitness | Social
Friendly environment to motivate each other into fitness and group workouts using screenshare.
Community | Social
This server is for discussing issues related to anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social Anxiety, phobias and etc. Those simply dealing with anxiety as a symptom or those who want to know more about it are also welcome. There are plenty of mods and we try to cultivate a positive and supportive environment while still accommodating the need to discuss heavier issues. A lot of effort is directed towards minimizing the kind of drama and toxicity that can eat away at online communities.
Community | Social
For those a bit fucked in the head. Self assignable roles and colours. Focus on Personality Disorders and Psychology discussion. All welcome. We're not a "everything goes" server but we are pretty relaxed.
Fitness | Science
On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
Education | Community
Plants Animals Permaculture Health Ecology Wildcrafting
Support | Social
A mental health server that's focused on bringing people together and helping each other get better. Lots of channels, roles, and resources for anybody who needs it. PluralKit bot in use for systems. Fun emotes in use as well!
Social | Hobbies
Beauty, Makeup & Fashion focused discord server to share. Change your life with a good fitness, nutrition and self-care plan.
Science | Entertainment
W.H.O. Unofficial and it's purpose is to prevent COVID-19, and other diseases.
Community | Social
💖 Beauty Related Thing 💖 Hey Cuties! If You Love All Things Beauty Related This Is The Server For You. Join Our Server Where Everyone Is Welcomed Despite Your Race, Gender. ⭐️ Self Promotion ⭐️ Color Roles ⭐️
Corona Chat
Science | Education
Pre Med & Chat is a semi-professional server for those who have an interest in medicine. The doors to jokes and memes are always open!
Community | Fitness
This discord was created for those interested in NoFap, Semen Retention, Celibacy and Spirituality.
Support | Community
Created in early 2017, Heart Universal started as a hobbyist Discord server which aimed to provide breakup support to a few dozen community members. With increasing numbers and plans to maximize our impact, we’ve made the jump to an organization. We have a current community member count of 5,000+, with just shy of 20,000 having used our services since 2017. We are passionate and dedicated to our members and our mission. If you are struggling in your relationships, you don’t have to go through it alone.
Community | Social
A server for everyone suffering of a condition about mental health and who wants to chat, share and exchange with other people in the same condition. The server is judgment free, respectful, mature and yet with a fun mood.
Fitness | Support
Meditation and breathing techniques
Support | Community
The Venting Forest is a support and community server, providing a safe space for anyone to vent about anything and make new friends.
Social | Community
We are a server dedicated to those who believe they need mental help. We provide those without a home, with one. We have a non-professional volunteer staff team to give you also a listening ear to support you in your time of need. We have: +A friendly and active staff team +Regular events +Group therapy! +Tatsu leveling roles + Private support rooms Wanna make a difference in this world? Come help us help those in need. Don't worry, we have support material to refer to as well.
Growth | Community
Hello! We are a new developing server that focuses on skincare. Any gender is welcome! We are looking for inexperienced people to learn more about skincare. We are also looking for experienced people to answer questions others may have regarding skincare! - currently filling our emojis list - lists of ingredients you should avoid(depending on poll votes, we will make it available on word documents instead) - open to suggestions(YouTubers, role colors, blacklist words, etc!) - no bullies - anti raids - self roles(youtube notifications included!) - 13+(teens included!) - self roles(youtube notifications included!) - 13+(teens included!)
Community | Social
Server for ladies and girls to discuss anything relating to women's issues.
Hobbies | Community
Friendly spiritual server to learn and share together or just hang out and chit chat. Everyone is welcome, all paths, beliefs, and lifestyles.
Emoji | Social
Welcome to Lucas' Lair! A new server with Cute Cat emotes (more coming soon). General, Memes, Animal, Gaming, Mental Health and more channels! Feel free to join for the community or the emotes.
Community | Social
If you are or have been living with a long-time undiagnosed condition, this server is for you! Here, you can discuss your and other people’s conditions, get advice if you just don’t know what to do next, and perhaps even find people who have the same or similar symptoms as you to learn about how they are coping with their condition. We also welcome people who used to be long-time undiagnosed and medical professionals. But, generally people who sincerely want to help others make it through this difficult time are welcome. Keep in mind that this server is NOT for getting a first medical assessment or medical emergencies! If you register as ‘undiagnosed’, we expect you to have already consulted at least a few doctors about your condition!
Community | Fitness
A friendly community consisting of gym-goers. If you are also a gym-regular or are thinking of joining the gym, join us! -Gym help -Workout plans -Diet and nutrition -Memes
Anime | Entertainment
18+ Server dedicated to otaku culture and developing healthy habits!
Fitness | Sports
Our main goal is to create a small "family" (network) of runners to learn from each other and support each other, but also share our adventures around the world with photos of beautiful landscapes :-) Come chat about nutrition, training tips, events, and more...
LGBT | Furry
Friendly and supportive furry community, LGBTQI+, ND and chronically ill friendly! We have supportive channels, many reaction roles and a friendly community! NSFW section hidden behind a role!
Community | Growth
A friendly, supportive community to improve in all aspects of life amongst like-minded people. Join sig to change your life for the better.
Science | Fitness
This server is a place to get out of your head and gain awareness, consciousness, and peace through reality. Topics are all science, sustainability, DIY, wildlife, and more. The concept of reality is to put aside your belief systems and use your senses and logic to form observations about the world around you. republicans are not welcome on this server because they clearly lack intelligence.
Community | Art
Join Strawberry Lemonade to meet friends, be kind, and play games! We are hiring staff.
Education | Support
Welcome to Spectrum! Spectrum is a discord dedicated to the ADHD and Autism community to bring the communities together to talk!
Growth | Community
We are a community that is (positively) obsessed with success and lasting happiness in every area of life.
Community | Fitness
Games'n'Gains; This server works much like an e-mag, with rss feeds on a vast array of topics such as; Working Out, Gym, Calisthenics, Health,. Fitness, Healthy Recipes, Including Diet or Bulking Plans, Healthy Recipes and much more so also find the time to search for answers via the discords search bar. Also, a Now Live channel that promotes a wide variety of streamers and youtubers, and we also post when members go 'live'.
Fitness | Community | Growth
Focused on clearing myths and BS advice, and giving straightforward advice with a non-toxic environment.
Fitness | Science
We talk about supplements, exercise, nutrition, fasting, nootropics, and pretty much all topics related to health & longevity!