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Gaming | Art | Anime
Official CorgiComet YouTube Discord Community. Come chill, meet people, play games and have fun! (Gaming, Art, Anime, Kpop) Come check us out!
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Gaming | Art | Anime
Official CorgiComet YouTube Discord Community. Come chill, meet people, play games and have fun! (Gaming, Art, Anime, Kpop) Come check us out!
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Beliefs | Community
If you're interested in Truth and the pursuit therein no matter what the cost, then this is the place for you! The space is styled and structured in light of Plato's Philosopher King, however with a twist.
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Beliefs | Community
Are you: ✧・゚: Pagan, occultist, or something similar? ✧・゚: Looking for a place with a genuinely positive, tight-knit vibe? ✧・゚: Tired of disappearing into MASSIVE occult servers? ✧・゚: Looking for a place you can feel open to discussions? Ouroboros is an occult-focused server for all races, peoples, genders, sexualities, and magickal practices and/or religions! We want to maintain a tight-knit community of open-minded people and a space for practice, interaction, and learning. What we offer: >> Roles, daily discussions, active and close-knit community, >> Discussions on various topics of witchcraft, the occult, and various practices. >> An active and supportive team of Mods from varying backgrounds. >> A place for all types of practitioners, beliefs, and religions. >> Community support to help evolve your craft or expand your beliefs. >> A separate section for world news & event discussion. >> A curse-word-friendly environment! (With a no-exceptions rule against slurs.)
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Beliefs | Social
The VR community for personal development, spirituality and the occult. Reconnect with the wisdom of all ages, and the world heritage of mystical philosophy and practice, through a sharable Virtual Reality experience. The VR Mystery School is the first VR community with it's own VR environment, dedicated to shared learning about the theory and practice of mysticism.
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Community | Education
Healing and prayer for personal and social development. Raising human consciousness one person at a time.
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Social | Education
We are a community of people from every branch of paganism, witchcraft and spirituality! Come join, learn about what we do or expand the knowledge you already have, make friends and more! X LGBTQ+ Friendly X X Any-religions or lack thereof X X Any branches X X 13+ X
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Beliefs | Social
TheriAnarchy is a server based around Therianthropy, although we are inclusive of all forms of spirituality. We have separate categories for Plurality, Witchcraft, General Spirituality, LGBT, and Pups 'n Furries. We have music Rhythm, Gaybot, Witchcraft Bot (unofficial name), Furry Bot, mee6, Tupperbox, and Unbelievaboat. You aren't REQUIRED to read our rules to be in our server, but even if you don't, you will be responsible if you break them. You should read them. We are family friendly when it comes to sexual topics, porn, and such, but we don't condone supersensitivity. Cursing and talking about topics that aren't explicit are allowed. You don't need to be anything listed above to be here, just don't bring hate to our group- Enjoy your stay here!
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Beliefs | Science
Welcome to soul-exchange! A cozy little space to share and care. Learn and teach. Focusing on a healthy, positive discourse on practical forms of spirituality and awareness.
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Community | Education
Interested in lucid dreaming, exploring dream experiences, understanding consciousness, spirituality, etc? Come join us and talk with others about topics that can change your world. Taileaters critically explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states. Learn more at
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Community | Beliefs
■ Spirituality ■ Witchcraft ■ Occult ■ Astral Projection ■ Lucid Dreaming ■ Religion & Theology ■ Energy-Work ■ Readings ■ Crystals ■ Astrology ■ Paranormal ■ Entities & Spirits ■ Research ■ And More!
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Hobbies | Community
Sorts & Lots -- Remastered! * 16+ Server. * For beginners and for the experienced to come and discuss divination all in all. Not a teaching/school-type server. We have a sister site for that! * lgbt+ inclusive * Self assignable roles * Requesting and offering system for readings of various types * Active Staff * Variety of Channels * And more!
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Support | Beliefs
Some of the topics include: - Spirituality, tarot, divination, rituals, Witchcraft - Religion, Magick, alchemy, energy work - All the sciences and their related fields - Creative and artistic expression - Self actualization and enlightenment - Meditation - Astrology and space exploration
Community | Beliefs
16+ This is a relaxed, simple & clean environment for like-minded individuals which are interested in; Spirituality, Esotericism, Mysticism, Ceremonial Magick, Yoga, Witchcraft, and everything such. This is a place where we can talk about anything like that, without being judged by normies & muggles! All Esoteric Paths are welcome (not Exoteric though). - No LARPing Allowed - This is not a Love-Light community, don't expect such. - Seeking active(!) members, from beginners to adepts! WE HAVE: - Dream Recording Channel - Venting Channel - A lot of Self-Assignable Roles - Peaceful and Clean Environment - Various bots, for example one that gives Tarot & Divination Readings - Occult Memes - Topics Channels Resources: -Techniques, Lessons, Spells Channel -Free Books Channel -YouTube Feed of Videos Channel
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Growth | Community | Mature
A 15+ y/r only small community filled with care for each other and much motivation with the support to keep that motivation going. Filled with unique emojis and channels tailored to your desire!
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Growth | Community | Mature
A 15+ y/r only small community filled with care for each other and much motivation with the support to keep that motivation going. Filled with unique emojis and channels tailored to your desire!
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Social | Growth
Discord Server for my twitch channel gwenthefairy. All about spirituality, tarot card readings, health and wellness and mental health. I do live free tarot readings on twitch every mon-fri 5PM est. Please don't be shy and come join my quickly growing community of like minded people. you can also: listen to music lessons on tarot card readings, meditation, crystals, and other spiritual practices share memes play games enjoy my free art and lots more to come!
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Community | Beliefs
Abyssal Sparks is an 18+ occult server centered around gaining theoretical knowledge and practical use of magic.
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Hobbies | Social
a friendly hangout server focused on spirituality (not religion!) and creating a mental health safe space for everyone :)
Beliefs | Community
OM! GOD ALONE EXISTS . GOD ALONE IS REALITY . || SSSV 20.10 || OM! THE DISCORD SERVER OF THE SPIRITUALITY & RELIGION OF SATYAVEDISM | 45K+ #spirituality #nonduality #magick #enlightenment #empowerment #manifestation #technology #ai #education #mathematics #science #linguistics #language #veganism #environment #evolution #jedi #justiceequitydiversityinclusion #dei #SATYAVATARA #PARAJAGATAVATARA #SATYAVEDISM
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Beliefs | Hobbies
(18+ only please) At the crossroads between light and shadow, between Paradise and the Pit, stands Limbus. The in-between space, meeting place of sorcerers & spirits, the liminal space where all paths join and those called to it commune with the Unseen. A friendly community devoted to discussion of occultism, magic, spirituality and related topics (as well as general chit-chat) in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We are proud to offer: - Weekly discussion topics (we're currently going through the Tarot cards one by one!) - Social channels for sharing art, food, photos, and writing - Knowledgeable regular members from a wide range of traditions - Engaged and active moderation team Limbus is open to people of all beliefs and levels of experience, and we look forward to welcoming you to our community
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Community | Social
spirituality love meditation spiritual spiritualawakening consciousness awakening peace enlightenment life selflove mindfulness yoga wisdom healing soul art inspiration faith god universe energy motivation lawofattraction spirit awareness lightworker nature thirdeye positivevibes tarot
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Education | Entertainment
The server consists Occult/Spirituality on topics such as Astral Projection and Occult philosophy but also general debate's with knowledge's talks and likewise great thinkers.
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Beliefs | Education
🌌 Why are we here? What is truth? How should I live? Curious about philosophy, but not sure where to start? Join us, to become part of a warm and welcoming community for learning about and discussing philosophy, especially well suited for those new to the field. Features: 🏆 Nitro Giveaways! XP-ranking level system + rewards ☕ Non-judgemental, beginner-friendly, no bigotry community with active and accommodating staff 📆 Regular philosophy, gaming and chill events 🔊 Casual, Meme, Music & Meditation channels + Philosophical channels themed according to branch (metaphysics, ethics, politics, religion etc) 🧠 Reaction tag-roles (pick your philosophical positions) 🤖 Links & resources + philosophy discussion generating bots! 🥳 Much more!
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Community | Beliefs
[Deep Traveling] is an enlightenment/liberation based movement centered around exploring alternate(obscure/unheard of) states of bliss, love and peace across multitudes of planes/dimensions (out of body), and obscure states of being in a way that can't be defined, only pointed to and shown experientially. The 'goal' of this community is to spread awareness and interest about Deep traveling and to have others feel the same liberation, freedom and pure love from this movement of being J(ay): I mostly started this server to share and explain my travels, but now we're looking for other people to share a nice wholesome/authentic community with :) So join if you feel weird enough to partake in the 'surrealness' we express peacefully daily :)) [☆] 𝘕𝘰𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘦 - 𝘛𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘴𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘲𝘶𝘪𝘳𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘱𝘱𝘭𝘪𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘣𝘦𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘳𝘺 (Here's the main video about it)
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Community | Growth
We're a very friendly community who enjoy discussions on mythology, mysticism, diety work and energy work. We also enjoy getting to know each other and indulge into general chit-chats in a quiet and chilled space.
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Beliefs | Community
✨👽Greetings Seeker! Welcome to The Seven Sisters✨NOT role play, A cosmic server for advanced Alchemists, Starseeds, Aliens, Shamans, Aliens and Healers/Energy workers to join. A multidimensional place to deepen and use your metaphysical abilities🌞We aim to create alchemical transformations🌙 If you are truly gifted, we dare you to Join us!🪄
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LGBT | Social
Gay Men Meditating is a group for gay+ men who practice meditation or yoga to make friends, talk about their experiences, get support and to practice together in vc meditation and yoga rooms. We try to ensure our members are safe and feel comfortable to express themselves so please be prepared to answer a few vetting questions before being allowed full access. We have rooms for general chat, meditation and yoga chat, member introductions and short biographies, for support and healing, for self-promotion, guided meditation links, practice times and events calendar and vc rooms for the online practice of meditation and yoga. For our 18+ members we also have rooms for nsfw self-expression, nsfw support and healing as well as vc rooms for the practice of nude meditation, yoga and other practices if desired.
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Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
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Community | Entertainment | Social
Need a new hangout server? Just looking to make new friends? Come join us! | Active Chat & VC | Levelling bot | Friendly staff | Nitro Giveaways
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Beliefs | Community
This is a server to explore any and all spiritual/religious beliefs you have! Feel free to ask questions and pose ideas here without fear regardless of your faith/beliefs! Looking to build a community of soul searchers and maybe turn it into something greater along the way!
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Community | Beliefs
LUNA ORTUS [crypto/astrology/tarot & more] 18+ for both experienced & beginner enthusiasts WEEKLY TRANSIT UPDATES & NEWS !! we offer: - in depth guides on beginner astrology, asteroids, medical, horary, how to read a birth chart & more - unique astro study channels [like serial killer studies, trauma studies, death transit studies, sexstrology & more] - free beginner classes! - regular moon phase information updates - daily tarot card pulls/weekly tarotscopes - fun astrology activities like vc/moon gatherings/game+movie nights! - astrology crypto analysis & so much more! please join our friendly community!
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Growth | Support
∘☽༓☾∘ Awakened beings sharing advanced knowledge & mutual support, while cultivate deep relationships. ∘☽༓☾∘
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Community | Beliefs | Social
In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
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Hobbies | Science
A place where magic-users and inquisitive people can life, death, science, magic, and everything intertwined. Plus we have challenges! All types are welcome - the only requirements are to be respectful and open-minded.