Laid-back community with a focus on personality type theories as a means of self-discovery.
Laid-back community with a focus on personality type theories as a means of self-discovery.
Laid-back community with a focus on personality type theories as a means of self-discovery.
In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
A comfy hangout to chit-chat with other nice people. Luna's Tavern has several channels for many subjects including MBTI, astrology, philosophy, gaming, music, and more. Come say hello!
A server focused on and dedicated to the study of astrology and personality theory. Additional channels include tarot reading, Human Design, Vedic, Mayan and Chinese astrology, as well as Numerology.
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⭐️Welcome to Astrological! We are a fast-growing, friendly, laid-back, and active hangout server with a hint of astrology + occult content spread throughout! ⭐️
low moderation social server. We’re focused on various conspiracy & occult topics featuring introduction channels with cited sources for people seeking the truth. Paranormal, astrology, emotes, self assignable roles ft Myers Briggs & astrology placement roles, lots of utility bots & more. & plenty of stuff for normies too :) such as art, social experiments, books, cinema - downloadable books and so much more We’re chill, clever people hoping to find others with similar minds.
We focus mainly on Astrology, however we still have extra things, such as Auras, 16 Personalities, Paranormal, etc. We are almost always looking for suggestions, so feel free to suggest some. We hope you enjoy your stay if you decide to join!
We are focused on creating a community-based environment for individuals interested in topics related to the proverbial “Brain's Journey”, such as typology like socionics and enneagram, self-development, psychology, philosophy, politics, the arts, astrology, spirituality, mysticism, MBTI and so on! We want to have many differing opinions and worldviews exist alongside each other within an accepting environment, and trust that everyone has enough common sense to either get along or respectfully disagree with others. Divination/Bots network: chill/fun fortune-telling group. Talk Tarot, Cartomancy, Runes, I Ching, Scrying, astrology/dreams, esoteric/occult/magick, herbs/crystals, paranormal/fringe, philosophy. Open-minded/welcoming.
Are you a Scorpio? Do you want to meet fellow Scorpios? Or are you just bored and want to chillax? If so, consider joining Scorpio Gang! Community Chatting, Discussion about Scorpio, Memes related or not to our zodiac sign, etc..! Hope you have fun!
An astrology server, but unlike other astrology servers we have a functional NSFW channel.
artsy horoscopes is an astrology and art based server, we host art related minigames every day and allow a safe, welcoming community ❤️
Hey ! Nous sommes une petite communauté provenant du réseau social "Amino" ! On est passioné par la numérologie, le tarot ... Mais surtout et principalement sur l'astrologie ! Il ne faut pas obligatoirement faire partie de notre communauté Amino pour pouvoir nous rejoindre ! Il suffit uniquement que vous soyez intrigué par le sujet et désireux d'apprendre ou de transmettre vos savoirs !
Quareia: Witchcraft Discord Server and Study Group For all witchcraft enthusiasts and practitioners, beginner to expert, who are looking for a structured way to learn. Work through the lessons with other practitioners and keep each other motivated!
Crossroads: Witchcraft Discord Server for ages 23 and up There are hundreds of servers out there for practitioners of all ages, and we saw a demand for a cozy place where older witchcraft enthusiasts could gather and exchange. We have a warm atmosphere and a server geared towards discussion, exploration, and learning. Our group is diverse and accepting of all paths and experience levels, so please feel welcome! • LGBTQIA+ owned • Daily topics and discussions • Airlock safety policy to keep out trolls and spammers • Practice hall available for testing out new techniques, or gaining experience • Witches from diverse backgrounds and cultures • Special roles for members who contribute regularly to discussions
Traditional Astrology is the only server devoted to the study of traditional western astrology as practiced from ancient times through the renaissance. We are a serious minded community devoted to learning, with many educational resources available, and are accepting of newcomers to the art as well as experts alike.
9 numerology is a pervasive tool to the human psyche, I would love to share my insight into the phenomenon. Customizable name colors and roles.
A communal discord for people who want to make friends or simply chill. You can also talk to other people with similar interests for example: astrology, K-POP, anime, gaming. We are a small but cozy community so feel free to join today!
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