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Laid-back, education-focused community examining personality type theories as a means of self-discovery. 🦋 500 animal emotes. 🦋 All the important bots. 🦋 Daily VCs.
Community | Education | Social
Laid-back, education-focused community examining personality type theories as a means of self-discovery. 🦋 500 animal emotes. 🦋 All the important bots. 🦋 Daily VCs.
Community | Education | Social
Laid-back, education-focused community examining personality type theories as a means of self-discovery. 🦋 500 animal emotes. 🦋 All the important bots. 🦋 Daily VCs.
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Official Public Discord server for INTJ's. Freedom of speech along with discussion/debate is encouraged. Preventing mod power abuse is a strong value here. We have a ton of members and channels are very active. Freedom of speech is fostered, and discussion/debate is encouraged.
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In this server we discuss the 'deeper' aspects of life, but if you simply want to meet new people and make friends, you're very welcome too!
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We are a 16+ psychology based server for all psychological disorders and people with or without disorders seeking to learn more.
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Lo-fi community with hi-fi brains for human learning. Discuss insights, trade nostalgia, or tell stories with a tired but motivated Kindred.
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In Pursuit of Meaning is a place for everyone interested in finding a purpose to their lives through philosophy and psychology. Existentialism, Stoicism, Epicureanism, Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy (Taoism, Buddhism), Cosmicism, Esotericism... We have art channels, quotes, books, memes, music, games and a lot more as well!
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Hello! ‧₊˚⊹ We are fun and accepting community focused on education and understanding of personality type theories such as MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, Big Five and psychology in general as a means of self-discovery and better understanding of others. ‧₊˚⊹ What we can offer you ౨ ˖˚˳⊹ ✩ Study bot which can help you find everything typology based to study and learn. ★ List of typology and psychology resources and tests. ✩ Channels for almost everything. ★ Cute emotes. ✩ Question of the day, quote of the day and daily polls. ★ All the important bots. ✩ Our own Minecraft server. ★ Ranking system where activity will increase your rank. Higher levels will give you higher position in members list and some other perks. ✩ Fun events. ★ And much more! .・。.・。・ : * ・゚. ゜✭・.・✫・˙・
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We focus on encouraging deep conversation, figuring out how things work, and finding like-minded people. Alchemy Library is a casual discussion & informal psychology server, emphasizing how the mind works. Our focus is general discussion/exchanging ideas in a friendly & impartial environment!
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Our aim is to create an accepting, friendly environment for the purpose of studying and developing socionics, with a focus on original sources.
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Love psychology or neuroscience? Neuro Transmissions is a YouTube channel all about the brain, and this is our Discord community! If you're looking for a place to connect with like-minded, sci-curious folks like yourself, then this is the perfect place for you. Check it out and join!
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A place where INTJs can be themselves. Non-INTJs welcome. Also far better than the other INTJ server.
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This is a Spirituality focused server bringing together beings into Yoga, Meditation, Compassionate Service and Loving Kindness. Many of us found the path through an Indian Saint Sri Neem Karoli Baba, the writings of Ram Dass, and S.N. Goenka's Vipassana Centers, but we welcome anyone who is sincerely interested in realizing peace of mind and being present here now.
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An all-inclusive community to explore & discuss connections between PHYSICS, PSYCHOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY, & MYSTiCiSM.
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A community of people that regularly discuss a wide range of topics like philosophy and politics. I am adding this sentence for the character limit.
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We're a Yandere server made by Yandere fans, for Yandere fans! This small, growing community is very welcoming and will help teach you how to be a good Yandere or Senpai! ♡
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International left-wing community of communists, anarchists, socialists and leftist of all kinds. Community is based on free speech and mutual support.
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For those a bit fucked in the head. Self assignable roles and colours. Focus on Personality Disorders and Psychology discussion. All welcome. We're not a "everything goes" server but we are pretty relaxed.
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This growing community is an excellent place to share knowledge, ask questions, and just to chat. With a community of 1600+ students, professionals, and interested laypeople, the Psychology Den is a great place to find academic discussion related to the science of Psychology. Note: This is not a therapy or support server. We cannot (and will not) offer professional help or advice.
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Welcome to Psychonauts! Here you may discuss psychedelics and anything that surrounds them. This is a place for all those who wish to expand their minds and spirituality as well as gain a deeper understanding of oneself, the universe and everything in between.
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We talk about personality types and tests, other interests such as programming. Any type is welcome intp intj infp entp infj enfp etc
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#hypnosis #Nlp + neuroscience #psychology #Domination
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ProX Clan is an international community focused on self-improvement founded in 2010. Find out more on our website:
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Jeune serveur axé sur l'épanouissement intellectuel.
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This is a community to chat about PSYCHOLOGY and STUDENT LIFE! Come chat with us... we're "Psych2Go" and "I wish I knew" on YouTube!
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Join us on the pursuit of self-actualization! We're a growing community of individuals seeking to understand ourselves and develop our potential. This is a space for civil academic discussions and casual socialization alike. Overarching themes are psychology, philosophy, and personality typology (MBTI, Socionics, Enneagram, and more). We also have channels for gaming, art, literature, music, film, etc.
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A newly-found, casual, self-improvement / personal-growth community for uplifting conversation / discussion. We hope to foster an atmosphere of understanding, to inspire the life-long learner, artist, and thinker within you, whatever your interests and hobbies might be.
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"What happens in Infamous ones, stays in Infamous ones."
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We center our focus around growing the established community. Consider this your pit stop in life for both sharpening your introspection and developing your character. We usually discuss topics, such as, but not limited to: Philosophy, Psychology, Typology, Sciences, Mental Health, and Life Advice, as well as whatever that goes on in your lives. For those who are familiar, this is the successor of the server Cognition.
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We need new and valid research about video games. Let's figure out the mysteries behind video games and what it does to us!!
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Experimental server. Simple and clean. Self-awareness. Life, death, and rebirth ~ Ouroboros Duality and balance ~ Taijitu
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Come interact with a plethora of different personalities & mentalities in this wonderful server. Will you be able to reach the top?
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MBTI Academy focuses on self-exploration using MBTI and Enneagram. We are a diverse and active community, full of unique and fascinating personalities. At MBTI Academy, we seek self-discovery through forms of type theories such as MBTI and Enneagram. If you aren't sure about your own type, we have multiple knowledgeable typists who would be more than happy to help you. Explore your personality in the MBTI academy with your fellow students. Don't be afraid to pop in and ask questions in the typology channel.
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(RECENTLY UPDATED!) EnneaGram II is a wondrous community for various psychological theories such as MBTI, enneagram, socionics, variants, etc as well as other topics such as politics, philosophy, and literature. Features of the server: -Self-assignable MBTI, Enneagram, Socionics, Temperaments and Variants roles -Discussions about typology, politics, philosophy, literature, movies, music, anime, and more -Resources and tests for most major typology theories -NSFW channel -Mudae and LastFM -Open to suggestions Feel free to contact me at GalaxyStrider#3656 for any details or inquiries.
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Welcome to “Shards of Wisdom”, a growing community of people coming from different parts of the world united by their love and interest in pursuing wisdom. Our aim is to improve well-being and contentment in our lives by exploring ancient and modern philosophy and psychology, as well as various spiritual practices and teachings. - Join to meet people sharing your values and make new friends - Join to learn more about how to advance on your personal growth journey Share your story and become a part of the community!
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We are a Typology Library providing resources on the various systems that exist. We have and collect information in relation to: the Jungian Analysts MBTI (original and modern) Socionics Enneagram Factor and Trait Models General Psychology Other Systems like Spiral Dynamics and Self Help
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