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Welcome to CLOVER ☘ — a new server dedicated to the kpop group A.C.E Whether you're already a Choice or you want to learn more about A.C.E, this server is a great place to come and chat about our "favorite boys"! ❀ non-toxic ❀ lgbtq+ friendly ❀ sfw server with an optional 18+ nsfw channel ❀ individual member + ot5 channels ❀ easy leveling
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An aro/ace focused server for asexuals, aromantics, aroaces & non-ace/aro allies to hang out regardlessof discourse stance.
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Welcome to A.C.E and Choice! A server where you can share your love for A.C.E with other Choices. Everyone is welcome!
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Small LGBT community server dedicated to providing a safe and accepting environment.
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Howdy partner, Aro Rodeo is a safe community for asexual and aromantic individuals and allies. Stop by to socialize meet friends and relax.
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a discord server for all a-spec folx!
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A ideia é ser um lugar pra temas não tão comuns em servidores brasileiros (veja as tags abaixo). Qualquer um pode entrar. Gente fora do padrão, só vem. Wholesome. Conteúdo edgy só é aceitável se for bom aehuaheuhuaue. Não permitimos racismo, homofobia, misoginia, transfobia e outras formas de preconceito. Tags extras: transtorno de personalidade esquizóide TPE schizoid assexual asexual demissexual demisexual aspec a-spec agênero agender mbti socionics tipologia typology enneagram eneagrama blender blender3d b3d tumblr programming code programação código computer science ciência da computação
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☕⸝⸝A discord server specially made for all A.C.E fans (Choices). There's lots of fun areas where you can chat with people, enjoy games and share your A.C.E pics.
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╭ εïз﹕easy massing system ୨୧ ﹕find kpop stans :) ୨୧ ﹕hire pms & find work ୨୧ ﹕link portals ╰ εïз﹕a.c.e goblin themed
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An umbrella server covering both the aromantic spectrum and the asexual spectrum. Prioritizes socializing and having fun while encouraging critical discussions.