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Hey there! We are new community but we hope so that we will grow very fast =) What we offer: 💰 DAILY FREE MONEY DROPS! ✅ Extremely Cheap Recoveries 🎉 Giveaways every week ✔️ Friendly Staff and Community ⭐ Version: 1.50, The Diamond Casino Heist ✔️ ... and many more =) Give us a chance, We guarantee You will not be disappointed 😊
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A friendly community for discussing harm-reduction and recreational drug use. We welcome those in recovery for any substance addiction, aswell.
Kratom community hosted by Fresh Leaf Botanicals. Find our latest deals/promos here, chat about your favorite botanical with fellow enthusiasts, and find out why Fresh Leaf is a step above the rest 💪
This is an 18+ community for adults with EDs. This server is not for the promotion or glorification for the disease, but it is a community to help people who suffer with EDs to have a group of people to relate to and understand. It is moderated and vetted to ensure only adults with EDs join, no minors or creeps.
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An eating disorder recovery community
What We Offer: 🌹│Tight Knit Community 🌹│Safe & Friendly Environment 🌹│Fun Bots including gaming, music and economy bots 🌹│Cute Emotes 🌹│One on One Private Support 🌹│Community Mental Health & Support Channels 🌹│Recovery & Self Love Channels 🌹│Interactive Channels & Events And much more!
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The Baking Spot is a welcoming, safe peer-support mental health server free of drama or toxicity. Anyone who wants to make friends, struggles with mental health, or wants to learn more about psychology will fit right in!
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we host free GTA V money drops and sell really cheap GTA V recoveries. Our server hosts money drops daily. Our prices range from 7.50 USD to 35 USD. For 7.50 USD you can get yourself 300 million GTA V money, 120 ingame levels and max stats! Our client that we use is undetected so the chance of you getting banned is 0% !
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Hi and welcome to Recovery Heaven! Recovery Heaven is a GTA 5 online recovery server. Meaning that in this discord we sell gta cash and rp. Purchase GTA 5 recoveries or money drops here today!
Nitro's PC GTA 5 PC Modz 🖥️ |💵 FREE RECOVERY PACKAGES💵 |💎1.50 Update Approved | 🌟 Safe & Reliable 🌟| 🔥 Modded Account Available! 😈 | 💰 Cheap! 💰 The #1 GTA 5 Recovery Service. Premium service and a Great Community! -Modding -Accounts -Giveaways -Invite Rewards -Money Refills ☄️Asteroid - FREE☄️ Cash: $40 Million Banked Level: 0-100 🌎Planet - $5🌎 Cash: $450 Million Banked Level: 0-250 Stats: Maxed 🌑Moon - $10🌑 Cash: $900 Million Banked Level: 0-500 Stats: Maxed 🌌Galaxy - $15🌌 Cash: Any Level: Any Stats: Maxed Unlocks: All Unlocks, Account Stats: Custom Stats and K/D to look believable! Your choice of stats or preset by me. Unlocks: All (Admin shirts, LSC unlocks, Clothing, Bunker Research, e.g, Everything in the game) Recovery Status: Free Lifetime Refills!
✔️Cheap Recoveries Available ✔️Get Online Leveling up / Money ✔️Very Safe and Reliable Services ✔️Giveaways including Money drops! ✔️Support ✔️Friendly Staff
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we help people with their rank and money in gta5 online on steam. so far we don't have many customers so the first few will get a free recovery. screen share is available and if you want to talk over voice chat that's possible too. once we run out of free recovery's we will charge 5 euros per recovery. recovery includes up to 1bil in-game up to rank 8000 all unlocked max stats free car if you wish so great service no ban risk and a custom discord rank
hello! welcome to support sanctuary. here, you will find opportunities for group as well as 1-1 support for your mental health journey. .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。..・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. what do we offer? support channels where you can talk 1-1 with a volunteer supporter venting, anonymous confessions, check ins and other helpful channels category for games to distract yourself and have fun with other members welcoming staff and community, 80+ self-assignable roles media channels for selfies, art, memes, music, etc! acceptance, love and a safe space! .・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。..・。.・゜✭・.・✫・゜・。. come join us today!
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Godspeed Recovery Service GTA Online.. Godspeed is service for people who are tired of doing missions for low money and they just wants to buy quick service. -Cheapest prices! -Daily Free money drops! -Channel with proof of our service! -Kind Staff! -Helpful Community! -Fast respond time!
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Information: [1] This recovery service is provided by none other than me... the owner. [2] Unfortunately this service is only provided for PC Users. [3] Steam and Rockstar Clients are accepted [4] Upon purchase you will need to send me your account details, how much money you want on your account and what rank you desire [5] If worried about account safety, i recommend changing your password before providing it to myself. [6] I will also gladly accept private discord calls where i will share my screen and put the money on your account in front of you if you're once again worried about your account safety. [7] The main hack I'm using to provide the service is called IMPULSE VIP. If you'd like to research this mod menu before purchasing the link is down below: [8] This process takes about 10-30 mins.
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