👉 ENCHANTING FOREST Take a break from the mundane city life and stroll in the enchanting forests of VYUG that will rejuvenate your senses.

👉 TRANQUIL DESERTS Spend an evening by the oasis of the vast tranquil desert as you listen to folk songs sitting by the bonfire.

👉 MAJESTIC MOUNTAINS No matter where you live, with VYUG, experience the thrill of hiking up a mountain and complete your quota of adventure.

👉 GLOBAL EDUCATION VYUG is set to revolutionize online education where students will get to study sitting in a virtual classroom & not from the screen.

👉 ENDLESS ENTERTAINMENT Step into a new world of entertainment where you can shop, watch movies, visit concerts & more with the people you love no matter where they are from.

👉 eGAME / SPORTS With eGaming being an integral part of any Metaverse, at VYUG, we are going far & beyond with the option to play real-life games like basketball, cricket, soccer & more.

👉 CONNECTED CORPORATE VYUG Metaverse is set to disrupt the corporate space by bringing a new vision of corporate structure where you can work from the office while staying at home.

👉 ENTHRALLING TOURISM With VYUG tourism, the world is your playground that allows you to visit and enjoy the sights & sounds of the famous tourist locations from around the world.