An Islamic learning community where you learn something new about Islam every day with hundreds of brothers and sisters and ask your questions you need answers for. Join today with different religions around the world who have questions and want to join Islam.

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An Islamic learning community where you learn something new about Islam every day with hundreds of brothers and sisters and ask your questions you need answers for. Join today with different religions around the world who have questions and want to join Islam.

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Introduction to Glorious Believer


We welcome you to join Glorious Believer!

We are an Islamic community, dedicated to helping you learn about, and expand upon your knowledge of Islam. Glorious Believer is welcome to all faiths, and all people; you are welcome!

🕋🕌 Our goal at Glorious Believer is to call to Tawheed(Oneness) of Allah ﷻ and the Sunnah of His Messenger ﷺ as was practiced and understood by the Sahaba(his companions) and the best generations. We strive to call to the Oneness of Allah with sure knowledge, to make it easy for all to access beneficial knowledge, and to encourage and support one another in holding firmly to this deen (Religion of Islaam).

💻📱 Our community spans across multiple platforms such as YouTube, and Instagram. Come and visit us there, and subscribe to reminders!

Comfortable environment to ask questions.

Teach our brothers and sisters about Islam by the Quran and Sunnah.

Library and multimedia links to reputable scholars and sources.

Friendly staff to ensure a safe space to learn and grow.

Spread the true message of Islam all over the world.

New learning channels/resources on Islam!

We know a lot of you always wanted to learn the right way to know more about Islam. We now have some specific channels where new Muslims can read and learn more about Islam regarding the specific topics! Feel free to join, check it out, and learn as you make friends and meet people with different religions and cultures!

We have released a new video after a long time!

We have recently released a short video on YouTube! From your whole day of 24 hours. Take 5 minutes out to listen to this interesting topic on knowing why Allah SWT sent Prophets and Messengers on earth. As well don't forget to subscribe and turn on the bell notifications for the upcoming videos!

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