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Looking for a christian server where you can engage with others and talk about logical validation of Christianity? Or looking for a christian server where you can ask your questions about Christianity? Then this server is for you. - Ranks to accommodate your positions - Active staff & owner - Bots to interact with
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Christians at work - honoring Christ without getting fired.
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Founded September 1, 2007 on Steam, Christian Gaming Community has a twofold mission of Outreach and Fellowship, spreading the Gospel to the World to fulfill the Great Commission, as well as Fellowship with other Christians, encouraging discipleship, Christian Growth, Biblical Christianity and the Biblical concept of morality. We play games together, engage in apologetics in many online games, have "Daily Bread" type announcements, Bible studies, and so on.
Community | Beliefs
[Currently recruiting staff] A Christian server primary meant to spread the true gospel and well as for general bible discussion. We want people to understand the doctrines of Justification, Sanctification and Resurrection of the saints. Everyone is welcome.
Beliefs | Education
This server exists to help people find Jesus on their walk and help them continue walking in his light.
Community | Growth
A community on discord for Christ and friendship.
Beliefs | Support
This server is for those who are of the faith of Jesus Christ
Community | Social
We are a Christian server who seek to spread love, kindness & mercy; while helping others learn about God.