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❀ A safe place for others to meet new people and make new friends! ❀ Our goal is to help others and make it more easy to make friends!!
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Community | Social | Art
❀ A safe place for others to meet new people and make new friends! ❀ Our goal is to help others and make it more easy to make friends!!
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Anime | Role-Playing
```Naruto - Alternate Universe! Description - Join this Alternate Universe based off Naruto! Become a Shinobi that fights and protects their village in the wars to come, or become a Samurai and help begin the war for power! We encourage you to be original to make the experience even better! Grow as a Shinobi and maybe even become the next leader! We have to offer: Story over Power Gains Literate roleplay environment Interactable Bots Loving/Growing Community Custom Jutsu/Clans/Kekkei Genkai Giveaways AND MORE!
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Role-Playing | LGBT
5-Diamond Steven Universe Roleplay Server, incorporating Zodiac Signs, and the Sun and Moon cycle.
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Role-Playing | Entertainment
Welcome to the Garreg Mach Monastery! Here, we teach our students how to fight and learn in a mixed environment! Together, we build the future people of the land of Fodlan. This is a server based on an AU that doesn't fully follow any of the four routes of the game. It's a way to see the story through a new perspective and to try out new things. We have a friendly staff and a rather interesting plot made behind the scenes! We are an OC and Canon friendly server, so you can be one or both as you spend your time here in the server!
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Art | Community
Hello and welcome! This server is based around an alternate universe for the warrior cats series. Its a place to talk about warriors, roleplay, come up with other AU's, etc. The AU is basically just warriors but rewritten! Trying not to spoil anything ill keep this vague. Sunning Rocks is shared between Thunderclan and Riverclan, Jake and Tallstar are mates and are the dads of Rusty, Nutmeg as the surrogate mother. The family tree has been fixed so there's no direct incest! The characters are alot more diverse, and minor characters get proper arcs! Come join if you're interested, or just want a fun place to hang out!!!
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Anime | Role-Playing
Our actual Discord server is meant for the community to come around, talk, chat, enjoy hanging out, and to plan the forum RP aspect. Some character chats can and do happen in Discord, however!
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Role-Playing | Anime
Set in the world of the 20th Century, no curses exist in this timeline, and any other super natural occurrences do not happen. Tokyo does have a prestigious school that goes by Jujutsu High and that school caters everyone into their campus.
Role-Playing | Writing
Hello and welcome to the RWBY RP server. Here, we have our own custom made lore and tons of friendly and inviting members. We offer casual rp, a diverse combat types, a calendar system to keep track of the days pass, and also every other IC year we hold a Vytal Festiva.
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Role-Playing | Social
The Multiverse is a multi-universe roleplaying server where you can make an original character from any universe and bring them into a world where fantasy, science fiction, and other worlds combine. Will you fall through the fabric of reality and enter the world of worlds?