```Naruto - Alternate Universe! Description - Join this Alternate Universe based off Naruto! Become a Shinobi that fights and protects their village in the wars to come, or become a Samurai and help begin the war for power! We encourage you to be original to make the experience even better! Grow as a Shinobi and maybe even become the next leader! We have to offer: Story over Power Gains Literate roleplay environment Interactable Bots Loving/Growing Community Custom Jutsu/Clans/Kekkei Genkai Giveaways AND MORE!
A world half-frozen, full of chaos and distrust. It's a dark fantasy RP based around custom made lore. We are always glad to help with it if need be.
Join the world of Aeon as a custom character to your liking. Here, you will fight for the forces of Light or join the ranks of the evil and dead. -------------------------------------------------- We are a new, custom and expansive roleplay server, I'm looking for people who are willing to help grow and world build the server! ------------------------------------------------- ~Custom Characters, Lore, Weapons and Races ~All forms of Writing styles are welcome Those who join now can become Gods and/ or take important positions Come Check Us Out !!