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Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
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Polar Ace Discord Server Banner
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Community | Streaming | Entertainment
Discord Nitro Giveaways, Chats, Voice Calls, Events, Karaoke and Creator chats! Join today.
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Art | Crypto
A different NFT collection. Pictorial and literary arts together. Toward Hemelslinn NFT (THL) collection consists of 10,000 works of art created by our team and registered in single “Non Fungible Token” NFTs (ERC-721A) with proof of ownership in the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT THL is closely linked to the sci-fi adventure novel Toward Hemelslinn. Each work represents a possible cover with title and shows at the bottom of the page one of the 28 chapter titles of the novel. For each THL purchased you will have a personalized digital copy of the novel (ebook) with the data and the THL NFT cover. Come and discover its great features and learn about the many utilities we have in store for the community. Join the Toward Hemelslinn NFT Community and become a part of Galaxias. An exciting adventure awaits you!
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Anime | Gaming
Um espaço para amantes de Animes, Mangás, Novels e Jogos, interagirem. Aperte o botão e venha rir um pouco Onii-chan♡
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Anime | Art
A discord server for the novel and anime series by Kyoto Animation, 20th Denmoku. Be sure to join us if you would like to just hang out, or just discuss the series!
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Anime | Gaming
. Bot Exclusivo (Suni) . Bots de Musica . Promoção de cargos . Canal NSFW . Sorteios esporádicos . Eventos Diversos . Podcasts
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Writing | Hobbies
discord wattpad, wattpad indonesia, wattpad id, cerita wattpad, komunitas wattpad, grup wattpad, gc wattpad,
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Writing | Community
A community for Catholics who love creative writing, including poetry, prose, short stories, novels, lyrics, screen-writing, and world-building.
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Community | Beliefs
This Server ist all about cultivation etc (manhwas,manhua, Manga and Taoism There is a category where you can discuss about Taoism or Buddhismus you can ask your fellow Junior or Senior for advice about Taoism, Buddhismus you can also discuss about Martial arts.I Hope you guys join the server.
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Manga | Anime
سيرفر فريق اللؤلؤ السوداء لترجمة المانجا و المانهوا و المانها و الروايات. يسعدنا أنضمامك لنا.The Black Pearl Team will serve to translate manga, manhua, manha and novels. We're happy to join us.
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LGBT | Anime
➥ Um novo servidor com foco em tradução de obras e mangás do gênero BL sem fins lucrativos! ( tradução feita de fã para fã ) ♥
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Social | Writing
The sweetest writing server on Discord (seriously, diabetes guaranteed). Social place for writers and readers of all shapes and sizes, and there are over a 1000 of us. Non-elitist. Everyone's welcome!
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Anime | Community
Greeting everyone! We are a friendly anime community that like Fate and Type-Moon universe. Whenever you are a Type-Moon fan or just simply an anime fan. We don't mind! Come join us now!