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Webtoons, Manhwa, and Manhua discussions
First community dedicated for only manga, manhwa, manhua, web toons fans on discord ! Everyone is welcome ! <3 :D
Anime | Hobbies
A Nobre Scan é um servidor focado em mangas, temos uma comunidade muito rica de tradutores. Também, temos espaço para gaming e conversas gerais.
Anime | Community
A server dedicated to webtoon, manga, and anime, gaming, and much more! Chat with people who share your interests. Share recommendations, anime, music, and more. We are an active community that wants to chat and have fun.
YouTuber | Anime
『 This is a server is a community server created by collaboration on youtubers to make a big and smooth community for the manga,manhua,manhwa readers. Enjoy your time here! 』