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★ kpop/anime/manhwa server ★ sfw ★ looking for active members
Viens. Ou Pas.
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Equus Siderae is a comic drawn & written by Dalegor on Webtoon taking place in a world of horses, pegasi, unicorns and more. It follows a horse, Nevisca as she learns about the secrets of the world that is much bigger than the had thought. This server is a fan project dedicated to Dalegor and their amazing story. in this server we have: 60 + roleplay channels Lots of herd roles all of them are here and all of them are open Many different kinds of equine to roleplay as (horses, unicorns, pegasi, kelpies, etc.) An economy there is passes that enable you to make stronger ocs. Regular giveaways with chances to win ocs and free passes
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"Hykings first appeared almost a millennia ago when a moon fell down to earth. Beside their existence, that calamity brought about the beginning of the Crown Age. Nowadays, Hykings still roam the world causing wars and death wherever they go. None of them has ever been able to break the chains of the millennial curse, yet." ===== Updates every Sunday, except for the last Sunday of each month! ===== For now, we will be publishing a One Shot. After that will be a prequel that will set up the main storyline. LINKS: Instagram: Webtoons:
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♦ Comics ♦ Social ♦ Fun ♦ Chill ♦ Creative ♦ QENjagy is a community server for an up-and-coming series of webcomics. We also have our own custom QENjagy bot with features like leveling, currency, item shop, collectibles, rewards for supporters and more! Looking for something new to get into? Do you like indie webcomics by Patreon creators? Come check out the Lawyer'd Comic Discord! We're the official Discord community of Lawyer'd series comics. Massive perks for early and continuing supporters! Unlock server-wide Premium with Nitro Boosts or subscribe on ♦ ♦ for Premium right away!
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Server about the Tower of God webtoon series.
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We exist to give people a fun time on our server whether is role playing in the inn or messing with the meme bot
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Webcomic Server for artists, readers and writers
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Hello, and welcome to the *hades' palace* discord server! I'm going to start off with a disclaimer; I have nothing to do with the creation of Lore Olympus, I've merely created this server. As you all know, it's the creation of the very talented Rachel Smythe on Webtoon - her Instagram is @/usedbandaid and her Twitter is @/used_bandaid. This server was created as a communicative outlet for the Lore Olympus fandom. It's available for everyone to connect through the Webtoon comic, but also other things you may have in common - here you can talk about the comic, meet new people, make new friends and become a part of an accepting and open community. I've tried to make the server as self-explanatory as possible, but if you have an questions or need help with anything, feel free to message me. My DMs are always open and my notifications are always on, so don't be shy, I'll always do my best :))
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A server about webtoon/anime/manga , join if you want to talk & make new friends.
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Looking for a safe space to discuss the Not Even Bones Webtoon or Market of Monsters book series? Feel free to join us :)
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A community server for webtoon,manhwa, and manga fans.
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A laid-back anime/manga art discord with active members that love drawing together.
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Welcome to unOrdinary: The Next Step! This is a roleplay server based on the webtoon unOrdinary! In here, you will find other roleplayers that you can have fun roleplaying with. We have... - Awesome, helpful and friendly staff - LGBTQ+ friendly - A variety of channels to roleplay in - Lots of character slots - A community of fun RPers - Giveaways and contests to upgrade your ability score - Fun events like hierarchy tournaments - A roster of Royals that you can challenge - Jokers if you love creating chaos ...and much more!! So what are you waiting for? Invite some friends along and join us! We hope to see you soon! :)
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Un serveur français pour les fans de Corée du Sud!
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Webtoon Hangout is a server where creators and readers alike can make friends and talk about their favorite comics. We have an extremely loving community where users can ask for advice, grow their platform, share their talents, and so much more!
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Welcome to The Server-Anime™.! Do you love anime?. Do you like mangas?, Do you like gaming?. If you do, then this is a server you must join.! Each and every single one of you is welcome to our very friendly and rp enabled server We're all very friendly and chill, frank people with whom you can compete in games, and the most importantly, we all love anime!, We also host giveaways every month, you can just come over, talk, laugh, make friends and Have fun! A chill place where you can have a lot of fun so feel free to come over.! We have every bot you might need, and our music channel is the most active throughout the server, so if you love music this will be the best chance for you to find people with varying tastes, and if you enjoy listening with friends and discussing topics, that's perfect.! Since you've read till here, hope to see ya at our hangout.! **We also have a Minecraft Server!**
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this an Otaku Server where we can share our thought about Latest Webtoon Chapter and manga Chapter and Anime Episode and to games that have pc and PlayStation and xbox and nintendo switch they are welcome to my server
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community server for webtoon/manga artists