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A fun and welcoming discord server abouet webtoons and many other things
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"Hykings first appeared almost a millennia ago when a moon fell down to earth. Beside their existence, that calamity brought about the beginning of the Crown Age. Nowadays, Hykings still roam the world causing wars and death wherever they go. None of them has ever been able to break the chains of the millennial curse, yet." ===== Updates every Sunday, except for the last Sunday of each month! ===== For now, we will be publishing a One Shot. After that will be a prequel that will set up the main storyline. LINKS: Instagram: Webtoons:
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♦ Comics ♦ Social ♦ Fun ♦ Chill ♦ Creative ♦ QENjagy is a community server for an up-and-coming series of webcomics. We also have our own custom QENjagy bot with features like leveling, currency, item shop, collectibles, rewards for supporters and more! Looking for something new to get into? Do you like indie webcomics by Patreon creators? Come check out the Lawyer'd Comic Discord! We're the official Discord community of Lawyer'd series comics. Massive perks for early and continuing supporters! Unlock server-wide Premium with Nitro Boosts or subscribe on ♦ ♦ for Premium right away!
Anime | Role-Playing
In here we just have fun and chat about webtoon and anime, We also have roleplaying!
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the UNOFFICIAL server for the webcomic "Lumine"
Anime | Hobbies
a server for anyone interested in anime, manga, webtoon and other stuff !
Community | Anime
Sweet Home? Weak Hero? Eleceed? Noblesse? I Love Yoo? Our server is based on the Webtoon: Sweet Home, but of course, you can talk about other webtoons here too!
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Anime | Social
A chill and social discord that offers many variety channels. Such as: Games, Memes, Anime, Webnovel, Webcomics/toon, Yaoi, Roles, Bots, And more upon request! SFW (expect for the yaoi channel). All we seek is a friendly group of people to come hangout with us~
Furry | Community
UNOFFICIAL Discord server for the furry webcomic series, The Angel in the Forest
Anime | Community
Server about the Tower of God webtoon series.
Role-Playing | Social
We exist to give people a fun time on our server whether is role playing in the inn or messing with the meme bot
Art | Entertainment
Webcomic Server for artists, readers and writers
Art | Community
Hello, and welcome to the *hades' palace* discord server! I'm going to start off with a disclaimer; I have nothing to do with the creation of Lore Olympus, I've merely created this server. As you all know, it's the creation of the very talented Rachel Smythe on Webtoon - her Instagram is @/usedbandaid and her Twitter is @/used_bandaid. This server was created as a communicative outlet for the Lore Olympus fandom. It's available for everyone to connect through the Webtoon comic, but also other things you may have in common - here you can talk about the comic, meet new people, make new friends and become a part of an accepting and open community. I've tried to make the server as self-explanatory as possible, but if you have an questions or need help with anything, feel free to message me. My DMs are always open and my notifications are always on, so don't be shy, I'll always do my best :))
Anime | Community
Hello ! This is a server where we talk for people who like Webtoons, Manhwas, Anime, and more~ Since this a new server, we are looking for staff and people to help write our Wiki Fandoms <.3
Anime | Gaming
A server about webtoon/anime/manga , join if you want to talk & make new friends.
Anime | Community
The action anime follows a high school student Jin Mori and his friends as they compete in an epic tournament in which they borrow the power directly from the gods. But not only that, along the way they uncover a mysterious organization who will grant any wish to the tournament's winner.