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"Hykings first appeared almost a millennia ago when a moon fell down to earth. Beside their existence, that calamity brought about the beginning of the Crown Age. Nowadays, Hykings still roam the world causing wars and death wherever they go. None of them has ever been able to break the chains of the millennial curse, yet." ===== Updates every Sunday, except for the last Sunday of each month! ===== For now, we will be publishing a One Shot. After that will be a prequel that will set up the main storyline. LINKS: Instagram: instagram.com/hykings Webtoons: webtoons.com/en/challenge/hykings-doric-coliseum/list?title_no=312566
We're a role-play server based on "UnOrdinary". We have a solid and unique Storyline focused solely on OCs. OC Profiles, XP/Gold System, Open & Private RP Channels, OC Market, Ranking System, Supportive and Friendly community, Single-MultiPara, all Roleplayers are welcome!
♦ Comics ♦ Social ♦ Fun ♦ Chill ♦ Creative ♦ QENjagy is a community server for an up-and-coming series of webcomics. We also have our own custom QENjagy bot with features like leveling, currency, item shop, collectibles, rewards for supporters and more! Looking for something new to get into? Do you like indie webcomics by Patreon creators? Come check out the Lawyer'd Comic Discord! We're the official Discord community of Lawyer'd series comics. Massive perks for early and continuing supporters! Unlock server-wide Premium with Nitro Boosts or subscribe on ♦ patreon.com/Lawyerd ♦ for Premium right away!
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