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💵 Free-to-Enter Cash Prize Poker💰The Most Innovative Gambling Community💵 Giveaways 🎰Gambling Streams ⚔️Exclusive Games 🤖Custom Bot 👑Ranks 🚑General Degeneracy📱 Exclusive App in Development 🌐Dedicated Website Coming Soon
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Willkommen in Yura's Keller - DEIN NEUES ZUHAUSE! 👻 Yura's Keller, der Discord von Vtuber Yura Yami, dem Twitch-Streamer, dreht sich um Creepypasta, Vtuber, Anime, Live-Streaming und mehr. Bei uns erwartet dich: 🎮 RP Bot: Nutze Lawliet, um im Keller andere herauszufordern oder Zuneigung zu zeigen. 📜 Offizielle Vtuber Creepypasta: Yura Yami's Serienkiller-Creepypasta in besonderem Stil. 📚 Fan-Lore: Teile deine eigenen Geschichten und Theorien über Yura Yami und seine Welt. 💀 Creepypasta Channels: Gruselgeschichten zum Lesen und Schreiben. 🌈 Inklusion: Ein sicherer Raum für alle, unabhängig von Herkunft, Geschlecht, Pronomen, Hautfarbe oder Religion. 🎮 Spiele & Events: Verpasse keine kostenlosen Spiele und Community-Events. 🚀 Wähle deine Interessen: Wähle Rollen und Interessen für benutzerdefinierte Benachrichtigungen. 📣 Gestalte mit: Wir schätzen deine Ideen und Anregungen. Teile sie im Feedback-Channel! Sei teil einer Wachsenden Community!
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Feel free to come by the Official Creepy Gaming Community Discord for the man, the myth, the legend, Mullet Mike it was just made as it took a week to make and work on to perfect it so turn the lights down and the volume up as the server deep dives into some creepy gaming.... We Offer: - Personal Welcome Bot called "MulletBot" - Place for everyone to talk about the Creepy Gaming youtube series made by Mulletmike along with anything else creepy gaming or even personal creepy experiences - couple of threads and places to advertise things be it Music you made, personally made creepypasta, art, traveling experiences, & more - Twitch & YT Promo channels - Future plans for fun events when the server grows massively like giveaways, gaming events, tournaments, & much more even glad to take suggestions or ideas
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Art | Anime
This server is from "Creepypasta Life" on Webtoon! It's a place where we can share share our creativity and occasionally play games together!
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Community | Gaming
Eng:Welcome to our server. This is a German and English server. Our main topics are creepypastas and everything that has to do with horror. Make new friends and exchange ideas with others. Have fun! Ger: Wilkommen auf unserem Server.Dies ist ein Deutscher und Englischer Server. Unsere Hauptthemen sind Creepypastas und alles was mit Horror zu tun hat.Finde neue Freunde und tausche dich mit anderen aus. Wir wünschen euch viel Spass!
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Gaming | Design
Come join our community where we are currently working on the Backrooms Exploration game! Talk to the developer of the game while also staying updated with new news and exclusive content!
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YouTuber | Gaming
A server for live streamers, gamers, artists, and just for fun!
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Anime | Art
A place for multiple different fandoms, and more to come. It's an LGBTQ+ safe-zone and everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.
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Beliefs | Hobbies
This server, what is this server? A hub, a place to grow, a place to succeed. Now this server barely has rules run wild run free. This server is the conjunction of every supernatural community. Where all is accepted and cherished. This server conjoins every part of every supernatural community whether it be Kinetics, Subliminal Users, Mages, Witches, Mythicals, Respawners, and more. We accept all, no need to hide in small servers anymore as this is a peaceful and chill place. Join and we can teach you how to get REAL powers, how to enhance your life and how to utilize the power of the Law of Attraction [LOA], Subconscious Mind, Subliminals, Astral Projection and much more!
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Gaming | Anime
Positivity and Raids.The objective of the server is to bring positivity in your life,any negativity will be harshly punished...
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Art | Gaming
Useless? Lonely? NEET? Join Cozy Cabin! [CB] * art/showcase channels! * 2:1 male to female ratio! * group activities! We're the casual guild you're looking for! We do the same things as other guilds but slower and worse!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
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Entertainment | Streaming
???All things horror fan server! A community that loves horror so let's be fans together! Horror Fans of movies , books, games and more! A thriving community that loves to discuss anything horror from real experiences to fiction!??? ◇What we have◇ ◇Movie nights/Watch parties, scheduled and nonscheduled◇ ◇Anime chats and vc◇ ◇Chats to talk about horror and paranormal and spooky things◇ ◇ a chat to talk about real horror or paranormal experiences in your/our lives◇ ◇ we're always open to Suggestions◇ ◇Recommendations channels◇ ◇Movie Channels to talk about horror movies◇ ◇ Gaming Channels(chat and vc)◇ ◇ Dead by Daylight ◇ ◇A friendly, respectful and horror loving community◇ ◇LGBTQ friendly◇ ◇supportive crew◇ ◇Book club voice and text chat◇ ◇movie logs◇ ◇And more to come!◇
Anime | Art
JEFF A. WOODS THE KILLER - WEBTOON. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Explicit content. This series may contain mature topics. Viewer discretion is advised. This story has been inspired by Jeffrey Woods aka Jeff The Killer, as well as the universe around him but it aims to tell a new story. This comic has been made with the permission of Sesseur, copyright owner of Jeff The Killer. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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Community | Meme | Gaming
Welcomes to unfunny alley! To sum us up, we heavily disagree with censorship and believe that all views, no matter how right or wrong, should be at least read and heard by others. Dont join if you are against freedom of speech
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Community | Meme | Gaming
Welcomes to unfunny alley! To sum us up, we heavily disagree with censorship and believe that all views, no matter how right or wrong, should be at least read and heard by others. Dont join if you are against freedom of speech
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LGBT | Art
Welcome to ☆ Graveyard 2.0! This server is meant to act as a replacement for a previous server, where the owner has ghosted us and nobody's active. Our server is SFW, and revolves around Creepypasta & Marble Hornets, but it doubles as a general hangout! * We do still consider Ticci-Toby a Creepypasta, regardless of what Wade Kastoway said on the matter. Discussion of Kastoway is not allowed in the server to avoid drama. We offer; · A safe space with effective moderation · Easygoing staff · Fun bots, with more to be added · PluralKit for roleplays and for systems (similar to Tupperbox) · A shop · Categories dedicated to art, venting, SFW roleplaying, and Creepypasta · Art and writing contests We are LGBTQIA+, furry, neopronoun, and system friendly!
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Community | Role-Playing
GRAND REOPENING!!! This is a hub for the entire Creepypasta community to come together and share their content, creations, and love for all things Creepypasta! We have tons of roles you can chose from, friendly and reliable staff, lots of channels to interact with and of course we have role playing sections!
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Social | Community
Are you a fan of the Buffyverse and Supernatural? Then come and join us as we hunt and slay the Supernatural. We are a community for fans of supernatural-themed movies TV shows, especially the Buffyverse and the Supernatural TV series.
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Gaming | Social
Hello!! Welcome to this very new server of this game I am working on on Roblox!! The game is going to be a Creepypasta roleplay game! But its far from done yet! If you would like to stick around for when it'll be done, give me idea's or become a member of the team then please join! or if you just wanna vibe and talk about creepypasta and /or roblox also works for me! we have Pluralkit in the server but this is only for systems okay? If you don't know what a system is we will have an info page in the server!
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Gaming | Social
Welcome to the gorilla ghost researchers! This is a gorilla tag centered server, where we focus on researching, hunting, and making our own gorilla tag ghosts! This server offers a large, welcoming community, numerous bots (JT-99, carl, disboard, fibo, fredboat, and yggdrasil) , and an ally system, where you can advertise your server, and help us advertise ours, as well as a self-promo channel where you can send your own youtube videos, and etc. (this is the 3rd version!)
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Writing | Community
Are you a French-speaking horror enthusiast? Do you miss the time when "creepypasta" referred to weird, chilling contents that made you wonder if it was real and want to deep dive to find out the truth, and not your average scary fictional novel? Then this server is just what you need! Creepypasta from the Crypt is a community based in France aimed at publishing horrific contents on its platforms. It's born from a Facebook page that became a blog and a related forum and grew popular in France in the early 2010s. The community moved on Discord a few years ago and professionalized its activity, being now supervised by a public association. Our team reviews horrific contents monthly and works hard to popularize them. But we also want you to have a good time on our server and conduct regularly fun animations to keep you entertained. The moderators are careful to ensure the place stays inclusive for all. Wait no more and join us!