Creepypasta Life Icon
Art | Anime
This server is from "Creepypasta Life" on Webtoon! It's a place where we can share share our creativity and occasionally play games together!
Adorkable Family Icon
YouTuber | Gaming
A server for live streamers, gamers, artists, and just for fun!
Take Two: Home Icon
Role-Playing | Community
We are a brand new roleplay server which is based in the Slenderverse. We also offer a lovely community and welcome all sorts of people!
SCP Foundation Icon
Role-Playing | Community
A discord server for SCP fans, or anyone interested in the SCP foundation to roleplay and discuss.
Realm of the Dark Shaman Icon
Social | Hobbies
This may not be the greatest Server on Discord. But definitely not the worst. It’s a server created with the idea to be a place where even Outcasts feel welcomed. We have channels for: - History, Mythology and Culture stuff - Game discussion, like FE, Skyrim etc. - Anime, Manga, Cartoon, Comic, Movie and Book Channel - SCP Fondation, Horror and Creepypasta, Memes, Music, Pet and Animal Channels and many more. And if requested we gladly add Channels for more stuff.
Le serveur chill Icon
Community | Gaming
Bonjour ! Tu recherche un serveur discord sympa ? Alors je te présente **Le serveur Chill** ! Mais **le serveur chill** c’est quoi ? Est bien c’est : [🎫] 100% Publicité ! [🕹️] 100% gaming ! [🧬] 100% mini jeux ! [😎] Une bonne ambiance ! [⭕️] Un staff à l’écoute ! [🤖] 19 Bots tous la pour vous ! [🎮] Des salon spéciaux pour chaque jeux ! [🏹] Des salon spéciaux pour chaque film ! [🎉] Des giveaways régulièrement ! [🧿] Des soirée sur des jeux réguliers ! [🗡️] Des vocaux chill et music [🏞️] Des échange d’image ! [🌄] Des échanges de Gifs ! [🐙] Plusieurs Mini-Jeux ! [🌌] Des salon sur l’astrologie ! [🦠] Des salon sur les sciences ! [🎰] Un casino ! Alors qu’attend tu ? Rejoins nous !
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Anime | Hobbies
Just have fun! There loads of things to talk about <3
✨Citrus  Fruits✨ Icon
Anime | Art
A place for multiple different fandoms, and more to come. It's an LGBTQ+ safe-zone and everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.
The Secret Society Icon
Beliefs | Hobbies
This server, what is this server? A hub, a place to grow, a place to succeed. Now this server barely has rules run wild run free. This server is the conjunction of every supernatural community. Where all is accepted and cherished. This server conjoins every part of every supernatural community whether it be Kinetics, Subliminal Users, Mages, Witches, Mythicals, Respawners, and more. We accept all, no need to hide in small servers anymore as this is a peaceful and chill place. Join and we can teach you how to get REAL powers, how to enhance your life and how to utilize the power of the Law of Attraction [LOA], Subconscious Mind, Subliminals, Astral Projection and much more!
Gaming Icon
Gaming | Anime
Positivity and Raids.The objective of the server is to bring positivity in your life,any negativity will be harshly punished...
The Cozy Cabin Icon
Art | Gaming
Useless? Lonely? NEET? Join Cozy Cabin! [CB] * art/showcase channels! * 2:1 male to female ratio! * group activities! We're the casual guild you're looking for! We do the same things as other guilds but slower and worse!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و
Endless Elevators Icon
Entertainment | Hobbies
The goal of this server is to create a small community of people that like to discuss topics that relate to philosophy, psychology, mysteries, creepypasta, "conspiracy theories" or any kind of paranormal stuff. Example topics include scientology, cicada 3301 and LHOHQ.
💀🩸𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕱𝖔𝖌🩸💀 Icon
Entertainment | Streaming
🩸🕯💀All things horror fan server! A community that loves horror so let's be fans together! Horror Fans of movies , books, games and more! A thriving community that loves to discuss anything horror from real experiences to fiction!💀🕯🩸 ◇What we have◇ ◇Movie nights/Watch parties, scheduled and nonscheduled◇ ◇Anime chats and vc◇ ◇Chats to talk about horror and paranormal and spooky things◇ ◇ a chat to talk about real horror or paranormal experiences in your/our lives◇ ◇ we're always open to Suggestions◇ ◇Recommendations channels◇ ◇Movie Channels to talk about horror movies◇ ◇ Gaming Channels(chat and vc)◇ ◇ Dead by Daylight ◇ ◇A friendly, respectful and horror loving community◇ ◇LGBTQ friendly◇ ◇supportive crew◇ ◇Book club voice and text chat◇ ◇movie logs◇ ◇And more to come!◇