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Paranormal Discord server. Portal to a dimension of High Strangeness. Topics include paranormal, aliens, spirits, UFOs & UAP, ghosts, cryptids, esp-psi, dreams, mysteries, esoterica, folklore, forteana, preternatural / supernatural, the unexplained, anomalous phenomena, fringe, horror and more.
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play some games or chat with people! conspiracy/paranormal theme and i'm highly enthused :sunglasses:
I See Dead People is a server dedicated to passionate discussions about the paranormal field. Interested in talking about ghosts :ghost: , spirits, energy, and hauntings? We've got you covered. Intrigued by demonology :smiling_imp: ? We've got you covered. Want to share your experiences with us? Please do. Interested in UFOs :alien: and other weird and unusual topics? We've also got you covered. Whether you're a skeptic or a believer, we welcome everyone to join. Because the server is very new, the more people that join, the merrier. We're currently looking for staff who are active, would love to contribute, and preferably have a passion for the paranormal. We look forward to seeing you!
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A Community focused on bringing people together to play Phasmophobia! A first person, ghost hunting game! All are welcome to join! We look forward to seeing anyone join! 💕
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I don't have a gold or platinum premium rank and I don't have all the fancy moderations, but I do have a lot of hope that my little server will become a great community where you can express yourself and make new friends! I promise that it's not scary here ;)
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Stay up to date with the latest UFO news, our Bots post the newest articles and UFO Sightings. Cryptids, Ghosts, ESP, Folktales, Mysteries, or any other Paranormal topics are welcome for discussion!