Spooky modern roleplay setting where players make characters and roleplay with others to hunt ghosts and bind them to your guild vault one there if you solve the vaults riddle you may enter the ghosts dream and try to free him server backed by crypto currency $BIZENCOIN
No categories. No text channels. Only an elevator that brings you down to 9 levels of hell. Sometimes you will find someone, sometimes you might hear strange sounds.
Hey feel free to hop in here or not, I am so chill that Idc what you do😎😎 We are just a really laid back community trying to grow and failing, at least give us a chance before you skip. We hope to see you here
Welcome to Trick n Treat. A year round Halloween themed discord server. The home of all things Spooky. A place to make friends and enjoy the dark of the night.
Hello! Do you have a spooky OCs? Do you like roleplaying with said OCs? This is the server for you! Demons and angels, ghosts and aliens, serial killers and paranormal investigators--you name it! We have all of those things and more! Please join us, or at least check it out--we're excited to meet you! The setting is very easy-going. It is designed to make it SUPER easy for your characters to fit in and for you to have a good time. +LGBTQ+ friendly +Homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, etc. will NOT be tolerated and will result in an instant ban. +We offer a ton of roleplaying formats and opportunities! +We are open to whatever questions you may have!
Server owner has no idea what he's doing. You are bored and looking for an interesting place to spend your time. You are interesting and dynamic.