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Welcome to the South Park Fandom Discord server! This chat was created for fans of South Park to get together and socialize. Server Features: ● Stabilized rules to help keep you on track if needed. ● Staff that are mostly active and are willing to help you if you have any problems. ● 30+ Chat Rooms, including the following: General, Vent, Memes, Gaming, Movies, Suggestions, Roleplay, Artwork, etc. ● Selected the top bots of Discord, including MEE6, Rythm, and ● Non-Toxic Server which is filled with nice and confident members. We'll handle the issues of toxicity if that happens. ● No NSFW Content, any content that is NSFW will automatically will be deleted ● An LGBTQI+ Accepting Community so everyone is welcome, no matter if the person is LGBTQI+ or not. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!
Art | Gaming
This is a server for art, videogames and fandoms, it's for fun and meet new people, you can join if you speak english but it will be difficult. Español: Este es un server de arte, videojuegos y fandoms, es para divertirse y conocer nuevas personas, puedes unirte si quieres.
Hobbies | Social
Hey there! This server is really just about making friends and talking to other people about things you love. We have sections for a lot of things! Art, edits, memes, food, anime, gacha, Youtube, cosplay, general, and more! The age range we're aiming for is 11-16 years of age. Sometimes we may host competitions for things such as art, photography, and edits. Overall, we hope you have fun here!
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A growing server that appeals to people of many fandoms and interests! It's a jack of all trades server that is mostly here for people to make friends! It's a slow paced server so you have the chance to get to know people. This server has: - many different fandoms with their own channel - a catagory dedicated to anime - Pokécord - movie nights - the option to pick your own roles and username colors - friendly mods and members - judge free and fun environment Why don't you check it out?
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🦊 What you will find here: 🦊 • Absolute tolerance • Music • Friendly community • Lot's of fandoms • Roleplay • Gaming • Possibility to sale art • Language channels
Anime | Gaming
There is no set theme for the server. It's comprised of multiple things. Anime, games, movies, cartoons, etc. It's not targeted to a certain group of people or anything. Anyone could enjoy it! You can even join just to make friends. People in this community are Funny, Friendly, and weird -Don't worry the good kind of weird-.
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Hello everyone! Thanks for viewing this post, and I hope you're having a great day. It's Star here, and I'd like to invite you to a fun group that I created! Anyone and everyone that is an adult is more than welcome to join. This will be a safe environment for people to chat, roleplay, discuss any fandom you're a part of, and just generally enjoy yourself! We have few rules, but you'll be just fine, so long as you do not bully or harass anyone. If you do wind up clicking with someone, take any NSFW stuff to PMs. Any issues with the group or anyone in it should be discussed with the admins, and we will do our best to resolve each problem. The person will be spoken to privately, and your name will be kept out of the conversation. In turn, we will give out warnings. Three strikes and you're either getting banned or kicked. No exceptions. We want a safe space for people to be able to talk, make friends and have fun. I hope to see you there!
Community | Gaming
Join the server to vibe with us!
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Chillroom's a community made for making friends and hanging out with you're old ones! We have custom bots, warm atmosphere, loads of fandoms and bots, lots of emoji's, giveaways and game nights! Chill Staff And More!
Social | LGBT
it's just a server, where (weird) people get together and talk about stuff. We have a NSFW channel and many fandoms. I would be grateful if you'd join <3
Community | Anime
A RWBY Fan server with some weird, funny, friendly and crazy people, some who are also major Star Wars fans.
Community | Entertainment
a NEW chill hangout server for people who are slowly dying. Make and chat with friends, or add to our meme collection >:D. We take suggestions!
Anime | Hobbies
Just have fun! There loads of things to talk about <3
Community | Entertainment
𝐑𝟑𝐊𝐀𝐆𝐄 • Friendly, welcoming and for mostly everyone. • Self-Assignable roles • Includes many fandoms/hobbies. • Well moderated // Has bot-raid protection! • XP Levels, XP Boosters and more fun
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Hello! Welcome to OT7. It is a group based on K-Pop groups. We wanted to make this server for all K-Pop lovers to come join each other and become friends. We wanted everyone to get a chance to find people to actually understand them and get what they speak about.
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Ariana Grande server
Writing | Art
We are a welcoming server of fans, from a multitude of fandoms! Here, you can post your creations, chat about your fandom with other fans, and more! We are lgbtq+ friendly, and welcome you with open arms.
Anime | Art
A place for multiple different fandoms, and more to come. It's an LGBTQ+ safe-zone and everyone is welcome as long as they follow the rules.
Role-Playing | Art
This is a roleplay server made for everyone, by everyone. It features Auto roles (Features she, him, they roles as well as literacy levels.), Roleplays Galore! (Fandoms, doodle rps, public rp, etc!), Private Roleplays (You and your friends can require a roleplay chat that can only be seen by you!)
Music | Community
a community for kpop stans !!
Gaming | Social
ARCHER is a new community server that encourages anyone to talk about absolutely anything! Please note: We are new and need active chatters and just... people! We are still working on the server, so expect improvements! (we love those who support and offer us feedback :>)