Attention: you don't need to be an Emo or a furry or in any community to be able to join the server, if you are looking for friends and want to start in a small group, this server is for you <3
Welcome to the South Park Fandom Discord server! This chat was created for fans of South Park to get together and socialize. Server Features: ● Stabilized rules to help keep you on track if needed. ● Staff that are mostly active and are willing to help you if you have any problems. ● 30+ Chat Rooms, including the following: General, Vent, Memes, Gaming, Movies, Suggestions, Roleplay, Artwork, etc. ● Selected the top bots of Discord, including MEE6, Rythm, and ● Non-Toxic Server which is filled with nice and confident members. We'll handle the issues of toxicity if that happens. ● No NSFW Content, any content that is NSFW will automatically will be deleted ● An LGBTQI+ Accepting Community so everyone is welcome, no matter if the person is LGBTQI+ or not. So what are you waiting for? Come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!
This server is for chatting with new people, don't be scared, we have fun roles and you can introduce yourself! it's very cute and we hope you have a nice stay!
A server for gamers and gaming. But we do welcome everyone!
Box of Goodies is, at its core, a Danganronpa roleplaying server that takes place within a world known as "Euphoria". It's overruled by a handful of gods, known as the roleplayers, where the main ruler is a loli goddess called "Rebornica". Not just that but this roleplay is not Danganronpa exclusive. Characters from other mediums, such as shows, anime, games, or whatever else you like can be roleplayed here as well. Even OCs are accepted, whether they're Danganronpa related or not! We have several members on the server already and we'd love to have more! Don't be shy and come join us for a fun roleplay experience here in Box of Goodies!
We aim to bring the Lesbian fandoms together in one place, where everyone can meet and discuss about their favourite pairing. Join us now!
Hellooo and welcome to the House of Mischief! This is just a chill server that will change over time. Have fun and do as you will. (Good for people new to Discord because no one is really in here)
Hey there! This server is really just about making friends and talking to other people about things you love. We have sections for a lot of things! Art, edits, memes, food, anime, gacha, Youtube, cosplay, general, and more! The age range we're aiming for is 11-16 years of age. Sometimes we may host competitions for things such as art, photography, and edits. Overall, we hope you have fun here!
Hey y’all! If you’re interested in MaoMao, consider joining my lil server for it! It was just started and still a WIP, but we’re all nerds for the show :3. Come on in and read the rules first before anything then ping myself or my moderators! -Admin Vorus
A growing server that appeals to people of many fandoms and interests! It's a jack of all trades server that is mostly here for people to make friends! It's a slow paced server so you have the chance to get to know people. This server has: - many different fandoms with their own channel - a catagory dedicated to anime - Pokécord - movie nights - the option to pick your own roles and username colors - friendly mods and members - judge free and fun environment Why don't you check it out?
a fun and welcoming danganronpa based discord server!
💥 Death Lair is the top-notch community server for entertainment and welcoming purposes! With everything organized and ready for you to hop in! 💥
A friendly anime Discord server with a small group of active members! Complete with small events, bots for fun and so much more!
16+, LGBTIA friendly, Original Character server, mainly for making friends, sharing and uplifting art and writing!
🦊 What you will find here: 🦊 • Absolute tolerance • Music • Friendly community • Lot's of fandoms • Roleplay • Gaming • Possibility to sale art • Language channels
Grab your grey face paint and join us in HSAT! Here you can share art, cosplays as well as roleplay and just chat here! We welcome Hiveswap as well as fankids and trolls!
We are dedicated to creating the most well diverse server on Discord. Have Fun, Connect, Socialize, and Be Kind. The Universe is a never ending field of imagination, and were just getting started!