Сървъра е създаден с цел всички от град София, които търсят приятели да комуникират помежду си, да намерят общи интереси и да се срещат.
Making the most of our lives through practical philosophies.
Hello there, Echelon and Paradoxums ( its a pretty tricky reference, I know) is a very new server dedicated mainly towards people with interests relating to computers, animes, game and science. The server is pretty small now but I hope that you will enjoy your time here. Anyone is welcome to join and have a talk and share their experiences or do anything fun and engaging!! It is very small but your support can help us grow
Undergoing construction.
This is a dating server so you have to be 13+ You can find people with similar interests, friends or even potential partners! Come join!
A place to kick back and chill.
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