🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
“Welcome to Filmtopia. The Utopia that you have been searching for. The home for fans of Entertainment stretching from Movies to Television and Filmmaking. Explore the inner sanctum of this newly founded ancient ground: you might like what you find. Enjoy your stay. Because this is the place to be.”
This is the Official Group of My Plex Hosted Servers.
A server for all fans of Power Rangers, including Japanese Sentai too! Come talk shows, Zords, and anything else!
Looking for somewhere to chill? Maybe watch some movies or play some games. Then this is the right place to be.
Sports-based server for fans of any sport. Server also hosts discussions of various other topics such as music, politics, TV/movies, and everything else.
Dr. Katz's Office is a server with two main purposes. We aim to provide a place for struggling mental health and people with addiction issues to gather, vent and discuss what they're going through. Our second purpose is to provide a place for general discussion, a focus on sharing and discussing movies, tv, music and more. We have specific roles setup so that anyone who wants to join only for the movies and general discussion is free to do so. You will not see any of the struggler channels. Likewise if you want to join and only have access to the mental health and/or addict sections, you can do so. Bringing drama to our neutral, fun focused channels will not be tolerated. We have multiple users who regularly stream movies, tv and more for anyone to join and enjoy. If you stream movies and the like, feel free to share your streams on our server to potentially build your audience. Read the rules and be mindful. We're very excited to finally go public.
Gamers, Geeks, and Nerds is a laid back and super friendly community of people who consider themselves a geek or nerd. We love to chat about that one subject which we can geek out to or show how much of a nerd we are. We love to chat about technology, anime, gaming, science, movies and TV shows, or whatever else we consider ourselves a geek or nerd about. We also host game servers for our members to play on, such as Minecraft, watch movies together, or just have a casual conversation in the voice channels as we all play different games. It's up to you.
The Wilk Report is an entertainment news channel focusing on reviews of movies, films, and TV shows as well as behind-the-scenes information.
Home to a community surrounding the age old CBBC TV series, BAMZOOKi.
Welcome to Dharma Island. A strange little place where all are welcome. Lovers of all sci-fi, tv, movies and games. All levels of nerdiness aare welcome in this Geekdom.
A writing-based server where creative collaborators on books, film/TV scripts, art, comic books, video games, and other mediums seek partners to work together on projects.
A community of gamers n geeks. Feel free to join to talk about anything from games, tv, movies, collections and more.
Discord server for our community to talk and chill ! We call our self punishers ! www.twitch.tv/srkkn Make sure to follow me on twitch!
Welcome to our house. We hope you enjoy your stay. 🌹
Welcome to The 69th Order, we are a chill gaming community who love company. some of out features include: *VERY NEW* - Looking For Players? I promise you that if you are in need for a gaming partner, this server will supply you with one. - Unique Text & Voice Channels! The server has many channels where you can do or discuss anything you desire to. - Cool Bots! The server has multiple bots that will guarantee a fun and nice time. - New Comer Meet Up! After joining go into "The Pub" voice channel and me and the other mods will introduce ourselves to you.
A community for The Dragon Prince, a fantasy computer-animated television series on Netflix. Watch season 2 of The Dragon Prince now on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80212245
A place for all gamers, streamers, TV, movie, geeks, nerds and basically anyone to come and hang out to chat about whatever. It's also a sub-server for MGAceman's Twitch with a super secret area!!
A community for The Last Kingdom, a British historical fiction television series based on Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories" series of novels.
Welcome To The Anime Café! We're a small community supporting diversity and motivation, aiming to be one of the go-to places if someone is looking to chat, get some emotional support, or just mess around! We've always got a place to talk about your interest, or talk about someone else's and try to relate to them! Everyone is always welcome in our café, and they always will be!
This is the official discord server for the AlterNerdReality Network!
Server associated with the twitch account WellMax81
Growing community server for /r/acting, everyone interested in the art of acting is welcome!
A semi-collaborative project consisting of re-writing the DC Extended (or Cinematic) Universe, by the fans, for the fans.
Rabb.it refugees assemble! We bring viewers and streamers together in one of the largest and most active streaming communities on discord. There is almost always something that members are showing and sometimes as many as ten to choose from. We are actively exploring rabbit alternatives for the inevitable moment when it ceases to exist, while still using the service while it is still here. The server is not an NSFW server, but because of the potential for R rated content to be shown, we do require new users agree to the rules and confirm they are over 18.
From gaming, comics, and movie reviews, to original comedy, music, and genre fiction, NonPro is Geek Chic done right!
An awesome Umbrella-Academy community server. ☂️☂️☂️ One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven!
We are a Premium Once Upon A Time Roleplay room on Chatzy and Discord. The roleplay happens on chatzy but you're welcome to join us if you want to be part of the community. If you want to join us, we'd be more than happy to welcome you to the family. Canon as well as orginal characters are accepted and you can find a list of taken and available characters in the character area of our website. To ensure we can all have fun and to avoid drama or confusion please check out the rules and taken characters:smile: Don't worry we're pretty laid-back, but don't try to take advantage of that or a certain ice queen will come and freeze your butt :wink:
P I Z Z A T I M E is a server where you can talk about video games, TV/Movies, Memes and more! We also have giveaways (mostly Steam keys, but sometime we'll have other items)
A mixed bag server, with the goal to have a place for everyone!
Welcome to the Taskmaster server
Gaming News, MMO News, TV Show News, Movie News in addition to really nice gaming community!
Carole & Tuesday, created by Shinichiro Watanabe, is one the most inspiring musical masterpiece in recent times, and thus we created a community that would be able to share their enthusiasm about the project.
A discord community for general discussion of the genre of Fantasy; movies, literature, television, TTRpg, LARP, and more. We are a growing active community looking to discover new titles, discuss our favorite franchises, and make friends with people who share our interests! * Custom Emojis * Friendly Staff * World Building * LFG * Franchise specific channels * Member created content welcome! * DnD * Magic The Gathering, and more!
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