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Our only goal: Have fun! We have Movie Nights, Movie Debates, Nitro Giveaways, Writing Competition, Server Economy used for the Movie Trivia.
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📺 Elite41IPTV - The Best Service Worldwide 🌍 here you will find Premium IPTV Lists with: 📺 12.000 TV Channels 📽 70.000 Movies and Series ⚽ 450 Sports Channels Worldwide 🌍 more than 55 countries 📲 24/7 Support 📢 Info and more In addition, you will find the following topics with us: - Giveaways - Premium Accounts for free - Adult +18 IPTV [DAILYLIST] - Free leaked Teen Pics and Videos - Tools for Cracking/Hacking - Free Disney+ Accounts - Free Netflix Accounts - Free Spotify Accounts - Free Hulu Accounts - Music Channel
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The Wilk Report is an entertainment news channel focusing on reviews of movies, films, and TV shows as well as behind-the-scenes information.
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Welcome to the Taskmaster server
Entertainment | Design
The Poster Network is a server dedicated to the discussion of movie posters, film & television, and media servers!
Community | Entertainment
Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows, animes and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your watchlist! :tv: Speak about your favorite TV Shows and animes. :clapper: Exchange about the last movies you saw. :headphones: Listen to music in a nice atmosphere. :speaker: Talk to people about TV, movies, animes. :question: Play games based on TV shows and movies. Give it a try and join us, there is a lot more to discover! Invite: https://discord.gg/4Q3avDs
Hobbies | Entertainment
A server fully dedicated to anything Funko, as well as Pop Culture as a whole. Talk about Pops, announcements, collecting as a whole, movies, television, the whole works. **Please note that there will be a verification system in place upon joining. If you join from here, please mention that.
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The Official server for r/TheVampireDiaries
Entertainment | Art
ClapBoards is a Discord server for discussing movies and television. Talk about your favorite movies and shows, get recommendations, and find users with similar interests.
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A Discord server for all fans of Futurama!
Entertainment | YouTuber
A Movie/Television show related discord server. Mostly the Arrowverse shows. Created by the YouTuber Arrowverse Scenes
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💬 Discuss anything revolving around BBC's young adults/teenager network. 📱 Frequently updating social feeds from Twitter and YouTube 🗄️ Archive of everything BBC3, including programme links 👀 Watch parties, including BBC3 programming 📺 New iPlayer category, allowing notifications of your choice