🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
🎥 Anime nights, movie nights, chilling on youtube 💙 Friendly community where you can hangout ✔️ Official Discord of the caracal.club streaming platform
P I Z Z A T I M E is a server where you can talk about video games, TV/Movies, Memes and more! We also have giveaways (mostly Steam keys, but sometime we'll have other items)
A mixed bag server, with the goal to have a place for everyone!
Welcome to the Taskmaster server
Gaming News, MMO News, TV Show News, Movie News in addition to really nice gaming community!
Carole & Tuesday, created by Shinichiro Watanabe, is one the most inspiring musical masterpiece in recent times, and thus we created a community that would be able to share their enthusiasm about the project.
A discord community for general discussion of the genre of Fantasy; movies, literature, television, TTRpg, LARP, and more. We are a growing active community looking to discover new titles, discuss our favorite franchises, and make friends with people who share our interests! * Custom Emojis * Friendly Staff * World Building * LFG * Franchise specific channels * Member created content welcome! * DnD * Magic The Gathering, and more!
NEW IPTV online streaming watch all your favorite channels and join Giveaways to win free monthly subscriptions
Join a large community of TV addicts and discuss about your favorite shows, animes and movies in a casual atmosphere. Spoiler alert: joining this server will automatically extend your watchlist! :tv: Speak about your favorite TV Shows and animes. :clapper: Exchange about the last movies you saw. :headphones: Listen to music in a nice atmosphere. :speaker: Talk to people about TV, movies, animes. :question: Play games based on TV shows and movies. Give it a try and join us, there is a lot more to discover! Invite: https://discord.gg/4Q3avDs
Star vs The Forces of Evil server. Used for art, streams, welcoming to minors, non-NSFW, and growing.
Das Wolfsrudel ist eine erwachsene, entspannte Community, bei der es um Gaming, Filme, Serien, Memes, ... geht. Kurz: Das Internet lebt bei uns. Komm mit uns raus aus dem Alltag. Spaß steht an oberster Stelle ^^
Everyone - come join our chat, let's have some fun. Now the Discord craze has just begun. It's so easy anyone can do it. Yeah, CF's server is number one.
A film, book, video game, tv show server
My Server Has Many Topics including Video Games, Movies and TV, History, Music (with a separate channel for Beatles fans), memes, and more. If anyone joins, Thank you!, Please read the rules when you join there is not many. 110+ people so far
Join the Oceanic Flight 815 Discord Server! A chill and tiny server dedicated to the LOST TV show, feel free to join, We have a numbers bot so you can save the world every 108 minutes, we also talk about other shows and other general talk.
We are a big community/fandom based on the DC Universe. Discussions ranging from, roleplay, fan fiction, rants, theories, and much more! Get updates about the DCU!
Welcome to Metro Retro! This is a small Community Server where you can talk about all things gaming, anime, TV, music new and old! We are expanding everyday, adding new channels and economies!
Vem participar do chat mais legal de Tokusatsu da internet! Aqui temos atualizações, links, notícias e novidades dos seus Tokusatsu favoritos!
Welcome to Archer! The Official unofficial archer discord server.
If you Remember Fox Kids and Jetix, well, this it's the server for you. Come in and chat with us! =)
Come join Multiverse Ultimate (16+ only) where we are discovering new universes every day. We talk about all our favorite topics like movies, TV shows, games or just random topics. We have some fun games, self-role assignments and much more.
A new and friendly server to chill out and vibe with friends. Talk about gaming, memes, anime, etc.
A server for the His Dark Materials series, for the Books and the TV Show. Talk about daemons, parallel worlds and Dust. Everyone welcome!
Активный сервер собирающий общество с различных русскоязычных сайтов по аниме/кино/сериалов/игр/музыки и т.д. Сервер имеет много эмоутов, разных каналов, ботов для развлечений и просто приятное общение.
For people who like movies. We will have weekly movie nights and discussions about television shows and other such things at some point. We hope to make a chill community of relaxed Currently we are pretty small but hopefully, soon we'll be a lot bigger.
Dr. Katz's Office is a server with two main purposes. We aim to provide a place for struggling mental health and people with addiction issues to gather, vent and discuss what they're going through. Our second purpose is to provide a place for general discussion, a focus on sharing and discussing movies, tv, music and more. We have specific roles setup so that anyone who wants to join only for the movies and general discussion is free to do so. You will not see any of the struggler channels. Likewise if you want to join and only have access to the mental health and/or addict sections, you can do so. Bringing drama to our neutral, fun focused channels will not be tolerated. We have multiple users who regularly stream movies, tv and more for anyone to join and enjoy. If you stream movies and the like, feel free to share your streams on our server to potentially build your audience. Read the rules and be mindful. We're very excited to finally go public.
we doing alot of giveaways for free and we have alot of staff 100% real