Anime | LGBT
Server for those interested in Yaoi, BL, anime, manga, NSFW, art, hentai, danmei, LGBTQ+, video games, webtoons, voice calls, nitro events, trivia nights, reading events and more.
Hobbies | Anime
Fandom Mania is a server for webtoon addicts, kdrama, kpop and anime lovers alike. A fun server to meet new fellow fans and make new friends.
Social | Anime
Hola, somos un nuevo servidor dedicado a socializar, somos una comunidad pequeña y te queremos invitar a ser parte de -PROJECT GAMERS-. Lo que tenemos pensado es que a medida que se una gente agregaremos más cosas útiles en el servidor como canales, bots y plugins. Tenemos roles para los amantes de juegos, anime, manga, libros comics, webtoons y música! Aquí te esperamos!! 😋
Anime | Gaming
Anime, Manga,Webtoons, Manhwa, Manhua, Web/Light Novels, Video Games, Music, other Otakus. If you like these things then Welcome to Otaku Guild. Come JOIN US. lol.
Anime | Role-Playing
Welcome to TGOOKPH Discord Channel! The new fun and home of Anime lovers like you! Do participate in discussions, participate in events and interact with fellow Anime lovers. We have different channels that you can join in to accompany people to your liking! Thank you for joining and having fun! Mainly for Filipinos( But there are english channels )
Community | Entertainment
We talk about movies, books, music, games, sci-fi, webtoons and just everyday things. Drop by if you just want to talk and make some new friends.
Business | Entertainment
SEEKING CREATORS AND INNOVATORS! If you are interested in learning more about how you could join our creative team and be apart of a family of creators and innovators who are carving a unique space in online media together, hit us up @ [email protected]
Anime | Gaming
A discord where gamers, anime lovers webtoon readers, and all can unite and talk about everything. Oh, and can't forget the memes lol
Anime | Gaming
Drip Dojo Welcome to the Drip Dojo! This server is based on anime, manga, cartoons, comics, and video games. Here is what we have: Giveaways (such as discord nitro, manga, anime/game merch, games, and waifubot) Music Bots and voice channels Weebs & Gamers Fun & Interactive mods/members NSFW and Hentai channels/NSFW Bots Movie Nights Come check us out!
Anime | Hobbies
Student Council is an anime server where you can hang out, chill and share your writing!